thirty six

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By the time we get into the car Jade is back to her usual loud, horrible-personalitied self and I'm sick of it so I stop the car and tell her to climb out if she's going to continue acting like a spoilt brat.

She stays quiet till I go drop her off at cheerleading practice, and I don't plan on picking her up when she's done.

I pick Sari up from school, and I remember the feeling I used to get when I was always the one dropping her off, everyone probably thought I was a teen mum.

When I get home, I notice Lane watching me from his window as I park the car, and soon he steps outside his house to come talk to me.

"Hey, you look tired,"He pulls me into a warm hug, and kisses my forehead as Sari struggles to open the car door in the back.

Lane pulls it open for her and carries her tossing her into the air. I'm surprised he has that much upper body strength, and I wish I was as strong.

I can't do one push-up. One. It's quite pathetic actually, but I guess I'm too heavy for my own arms to carry me.

Sari laughs and giggles really loudly, and Lane gives her a piggy back to our house.

I struggle with the keys in the door and Lane gently pushes me to the side and opens the door for me and I thank him.

Sari turns on the televisions and soon starts watching cartoons while Lane and I sit in the kitchen, he hands me a glass of water.

My eyes burn from lack of sleep and my head is pounding, I probably look like a mess but I still tell Lane I'm fine every time he asks.

"How was it? I heard you left school? Is your mum okay?" He asks leaning in towards me from my side.

"How do you know it was my mum?" I ask, giving a small snarky smile.

"Why else would Lolade Williams leave school? It had to be important." He laughs a bit, and I'm surprised at his use of my full name.

"She's not doing well at all, I don't know what to do," I begin to cry and I hate showing vulnerability but I don't think Lane minds me sobbing to him about my issues.

"Well there's nothing you can do, except pray and hope," He hugs me and Sari doesn't even flinch as her eyes are glued to Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse.

"Yeah, I'll do that." I hold onto his shirt and cry quietly, hoping and praying that everything turns out okay.

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