forty eight

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"You can use the bathroom in my room." He says, pulling out a key from his pocket.

"You live here?" I say completely confused, I didn't know Dani and Gabi had other siblings.

"Yeah, I'm their cousin." He says referring to the two. We get past a lot of people and I'm confused why his room is on the top floor.

He unlocks a door at the far end of the floor, and his room is probably the biggest in the house.

There's a giant A, hanging on the wall, and tall mirrors, wardrobes and cupboards everywhere. The interior is mostly blue and dark brown, and the smell is refreshing like lemons and cleaning products.

"The bathroom is over there." He points to a glass door at the side of the room, and I nod thanking him.

When I come out, I feel drowsy, and he probably notices when he offers me a bottle of water.

"You look a bit tired. You can sit down if you want." He says from his computer desk, that holds a huge iMac with speakers surrounding it.

I take a seat on a chair but he tells me if I'll feel more comfy on his bed I can sit down.

"So Lola-" He starts, but I immediately cut him off.

"How do you know my name?" I raise an eyebrow, considering I'd never met him before.

"Um, well you're Gabi and Dani's friend right?" He asks, his chair spinning around to face his computer again, he begins to click away.

"Oh right, and do you know where Gabi is? I haven't seen her all night." I take a look at my phone and it's almost ten.

"She's probably in her room, I could get her to come here, if you want." He says politely.

There's a deep tone to his voice, that I swear I've heard before. The coldness of his hands when he pulled me away from Jackson are so familiar.

And then it clicks. The dance.

"I'll probably go see her," I tell him before asking, "Do you go to Palos Hills?" I ask.

"No, I'm a junior at New Hall, why?" He asks, and I feel like he's lying, but he turns to face me.

"There's something really familiar about you, but forget I asked." I force a laugh and a smile, shaking my head.

He gets up and comes to take a seat beside me and we begin to talk about random things while the TV stays on in the background.

"So basically, I went to my grandma's house back in Italy when I was seven and the ducks attacked me when I ran out of bread." He says pointing to a scar, and we both begin to laugh.

"I'm feeling really tired for some reason. I think I should go find Lane." I tell him and stand up.

"Lane. Right. Should I help you find him?" The nameless guy offers.

"No it's fine, I'll probably end up exploring the house." I feel like throwing up, and the room is spinning, but I take another sip of water to help myself.

"Okay, that's fine. I'm Alex by the way." He says opening the door of his room for me.

"Lola. But you already know that," I smile, "I'll see you around."

When I get out of his room, my vision becomes very blurry and I can barely see.

"Lola? Are you okay?" I turn round to see Laura, and she manages to hold me up before I fall.

"I'm fine, I just need to find Lane." I tell her, holding onto my forehead.

"I know where he is. He's been looking for you too."

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