twenty four

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Apparently Laura brought this kid named Parker as her date. Typical rich, jock as I heard other people say and he was surprisingly nice as Kim quoted. Gabi finally shows up but in a different dress, seeing as her twin sister is wearing her own.

I immediately remember seeing someone wear Gabi's dress when Laura made her grand entrance, it was one of the girls on her right, so I assume Gabi's twin is friends with Laura.

People are dancing and talking and very soon a bell rings and it's time for the 'feast', there's a buffet and a wide variety of food to choose from Asian noodles to Zucchini covered pasta.

Gabi doesn't bring a date for the five of us choose a table with our plates of food and begin to eat. I remember how to use my cutlery because of my dad and his British ways, I smile at the thought of him and wonder when he's coming back to Washington.

Sebastian and Lane seem to be hitting it off as friends and talk about Top Gear, Kim and Gabi try talking to me while I just pick at my food.

"Are you okay Lola?" Gabi smiles at me placing her fork down her in plate of white rice and curry sauce.

"Yes I'm good," I smile back and I'm not even sure if I'm being honest. I begin to wish that I'd taken more of the chicken seeing as the fried rice isn't that good.

Although it maybe rude I bring out my phone seeing as that's what most people are doing and go through my snapchat.

On Kim's story there's a video of her zooming into my face while I chew some chicken and then the camera reverts to Gabi who's laughing her head off, how did I not notice?

I roll my eyes laughing and decide to take a picture of the two girls without their consent and Gabi eyes are closed while Kim looks like she's about to yawn, I laugh at the picture and immediately upload it to my story and Lane leans over.

He laughs, probably noticing the picture I took and says, "Hey let's take one together," He smiles, holding out his phone.

I smile and nod, pulling down our masks Lane hands me his phone and I am in love with it, it's the 6s in space grey and I know because of the S on the back of it which I checked for, meanwhile I'm stuck with my barely functioning 5s.

We take a picture and I am obsessed with it, for once I look nice, probably because your face if covered my subconscious tells me but I shove her to the back of my mind.

My ponytail is still in place and the lights from the room shine onto the glittery beads of the top half of my dress, my dark skin looks oily and shines and I'm resting against Lane who seems much taller than me, even sitting down.

He's smiling teeth wide and bright and his dimples as always look adorable, his hand is wrapped around my neck and he's looking at me while I stare at he camera.

"You look beautiful," He smiles staring at the photo in his phone before captioning it with a heart.

"Thank you," I smile and ask if he could send it to me.

Kim talks to Sebastian and I turn over to include Gabi in Lane and I's conversation so she doesn't feel left out.

We talk about how the school got the money to do this and Gabi says her family, well mostly her sister and Laura got their parents to donate to the school seeing as most people in this neighbourhood have good fortune.

I notice Laura stand up from her crowded table and walk over to talk to a girl standing by a booth that I didn't even see there before.

Snow Queen and King.

I roll my eyes so far back I swear I see my brain but I don't let anyone notice. I continue to watch Laura's actions as she talks to a girl and the girl nods and walks over to the booth and starts writing something down.

I am not interested in what she's doing anymore so I look away.

Everyone on the table argues about whether divergent is better than hunger games. I soon come to a conclusion in my head that I prefer The Hunger Games, even though my love for Divergent is undying.

I feel bad for disliking Laura, for one I sort of stole her boyfriend and I could see how desperately she needed his love. But she made me lose my contacts and caused the scar on my elbow.

Someone stands on the platform on the dance floor in front of all the dining tables and says, "Last chance to vote for your Snow King and Queen."

This is pathetic, I think and but keep the though it myself because Kim seems to be all over it.

"I voted for your sister, Gabi." Kim tells her even though she looks like she was forced.

"Same here, not that I wanted to, she basically pretended to be me initially and voted for herself, stupid bit-," The harsh words don't get a chance to leave her mouth as Gabi's twin, who's name I learnt was Danielle and Laura stand in front of our table.

"Vote for Laura," Danielle beams and I'm afraid Laura is about to pour a drink over my head so I don't say anything as she glares at Lane and I.

Time passes and most people have finished their food but remain in their seats as waiters come and clear our plates and bring desserts.

I ask for some plain vanilla ice cream and waffles while everyone else gets sundaes and ice cream cake.

"Do you mind if I taste that?" Lane uses his fork to point at my plate of waffles.

"As long as I can taste yours," I smile pulling his plate of cake towards me and he takes my waffles. We end up eating all our dessert together and sharing another plate of ice cream.

People cast their votes for the homecoming, prom, winter King thing and I am just not having it, if only I knew what was to come.

"Palos Hills High, your Snow King is, Lane Salleras," Someone says into the announcer.

Lane raises an eyebrow as the the spotlight is on him and everyone begins to cheer, and I smile at him clapping before cleaning the ice cream on his moustache line.

He shakes his head and smiles before standing up and walking to accept his crown while jocks and seniors pat him on the back.

He really does look like a king with his crown and I take a picture of him on my phone, how can someone be so photogenic?

The next thing I was definitely not expecting.

"Your Snow Queen is, Laura King."

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