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I tell all the kids about The Ten Commandments.

"Lola, can I go use the bathroom?" Tyler raises up his hand.

"Sure you can," I smile at him.

I rub the palms of my hands on my jeans. My mum never liked this pair, especially to wear to church. My sisters looked more lady like and presentable she said. But it didn't matter to me, skirts and dresses weren't for me. I just threw a blouse on to look a little less causal.

"The eight commandment is thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor."

"What does that mean?" A kid whose name I've forgotten asks.

What does that mean? I think.

"It means we should fear and love God enough that we wouldn't lie, betray, or deframe against our neighbour, we should instead defend and show them mercy and love towards them."

"I don't have any neighbours, I live at the top of a hill." Marie says from the back.

I mentally face palm myself and try to contain my laughter. 6 year olds.

"No sweetie, your neighbour isn't someone who lives next to you, well not in this case, it's everyone around you. Me, your mum, your friends at school, even Andrea sitting right beside you is your neighbour." I point to Andrea and the two exchange smiles.

"Time's up," A voice calls from the door. Lane's leaning against the doorframe of the room, straightening his watch and bracelets.

"I'll see you guys next week." I smile.

The kids gather their little bibles and juice boxes and all wave to me, by the time I remember I'm meant to share the grace with them before they leave, they're already out the door.

"Hey Lola, can we talk?"

This can't be good. Nothing good ever comes out of that question.

"Sure." I answer uncertainly, I face him as I put the small chairs away in stacks and tidy up after the kids.

"So my mum said if I fail this semester, I'm not going to continue on the soccer team. I'm pretty okay with my other subjects, but I'm failing biology like really bad."

He looks nice.

His hair is neatly combed and the front is a bit curly. He's dressed in a navy blue polo shirt and beige khakis. His wrist has a few bracelets and a watch. I can definitely smell his cologne from here.

"So my mum said to ask you if you could tutor me, since you're the highest in our class. Will you? Please?" He sounds desperate.

"I don't know. But Laura comes in second maybe you could ask her, I mean- she is your girlfriend." I roll my eyes, making sure to be looking away from him.

"Come on, don't be like that." I hear him take a few steps towards me.

"Fine I'll do it," I agree, not because of Lane but because I really like his mum.

"Yes! Thank you so much," He lifts me up from behind and I immediately tense.

I hated heights. No pun intended about my height but I did hate heights, and I hated being carried.

"You can drop me." I purse my lips and let out a small laugh.

"Sorry," he smiles at me, then follows through with my request and straightens my blouse, staring into my eyes.

Yes I'm ending the story here. I'm kidding but sorry if this chapter was idk.. Weird? I'm building THE STORY OK jk but thanks for all the comments you guys are amazing 💖 have a great week :) xo

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