thirty four

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My boyfriend's birthday is tomorrow ayyeeee 💖💖


Kim doesn't come to school today and Gabi doesn't talk to me. I notice her quickly sneaking into classes any time she sees me in the hallway, but I don't confront her.

Maybe I'm too nice. Because now, here I am having lunch on the same table as Danielle, and this guy called Eugene.

Danielle is her regular makeup addicted self, and I hate to say but Eugene is alike to her. He's sassy, loud and confident, and he doesn't mind saying what's on his mind.

Like this, "I miss your old hair," Eugene tells me as he puts his plastic fork into his mouth.

"I didn't think anyone noticed actually," I sigh, touching my hair, not that I wanted anyone to notice. I'm guessing that's why people were staring at me, probably wondering where my Afro went.

"Well I did, the Afro look fits you better," Eugene throws a fry into his mouth, and that's when I notice how much of a god he is.

His jet black hair stays in a quiff at the top of his head, and his teeth are sparkling white like the people on the billboards who advertise Colgate. He's dressed in a grey-blue, v neck and  black skinny jeans. And if I didn't know any better I'd think he way gay.

But that's not the kind of question you ask someone you just met.

And when did my life suddenly begin to revolve around sexuality?

I wonder why Danielle's sitting with me though. Maybe Gabi told her what happened, or she was trying to be friendly.

But someone that hangs around Abbie and Laura is probably not a friendly type of person, or maybe I misjudged her.

Eugene and Dani converse about Tyler Oakley while I sit there wondering where all the drama started. I miss being unnoticed with no friends.

But I also kind of like the drama, it's addicting and keeps my life interesting and I never know what's going to happen next.

I quickly end lunch with my two new pals and go to the library to study for my chemistry test next period and as I walk down the hall, I pick up a copy of the school newspaper.

On the cover is a picture of  everyone on the dance floor and at the left centre, you can see Lane and I dancing, I smile as my heart warms from the sight of us.

Someone quickly rushes into the library, telling me they've been looking for me everywhere, and I assume she works at the school's office, seeing as how she's dressed in a pencil skirt and a long sleeved shirt.

"Lola, right? Your dad wants you, at the office, it's urgent, something about your mom."

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