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Double update whoop !! At least now you know his name, cause I've been stalling trying to decide his name haha, enjoy xo

Time has passed, things have changed and everything is different now.

Lane and I walk down the hallway hand in hand and a few people glance over to look at us.

"Ignore them," he looks down at me, whispering in my ear then places a wet kiss on my cheek that makes me laugh.

"You're disgusting," I laugh, wiping the moisture off my cheek with my free hand and he stops walking in the middle of the hallway.

He uses one hand to squeeze my cheeks, puckering up my lips and kisses me in front of everyone.

I notice one of Laura's friends gag and roll her eyes while she talks to someone I'm not familiar with but I ignore it.

Lane loves me, and only me and I couldn't ask for anything else.

"Babe I'm gonna go use the bathroom," Even I'm surprised at my use of the word babe.

He smiles at me, his eyes brighter than I'd ever seen him and his pupils dilate, "I love you. I'm sorry for ever ignoring you."

"It's okay, really." I smile weakly and try to walk away from him but he pulls me back, his grip tight around my wrist.

"Don't you love me back?" He playfully pouts and the 5 minute warning bell goes off.

"I love you too, I'll see you in class okay?" I smile at him, and he nods walking away.

I quickly head to the bathroom before I'm late for my class and to my luck, it's empty.

I notice one stall is completely closed but no sounds comes from it. I decide to ignore and use a different one.

While I wash my hands, I notice the lock of the closed stall turns very slowly and opens to reveal a girl.


Except, she looks different. Her eyes are bloodshot red, and she looks like she's fading away from me, she looks like a silhouette.

I feel very awkward, guilty, nervous and uncomfortable all at the same time and I decide to quickly grab a paper towel to dry my hands and leave.

"Where do you think you're going?"

I immediately freeze and turn around.

Her eyes are big and wide, her pupils red ,outlined in black rings. She hisses at me and her tongue shoots out, instead it's as long as a small ruler and split to two at the end like a ribbon.

My first instinct like anyone else's is to run, but my body is completely frozen.

Her claw like nails appear sharper than ever and she slides towards me.

I try and scream but nothing comes out and everything starts to fade out a bit. And fade. And fade. And fade.

And then I wake up.

I was gonna write more and make the killing more descriptive and demonic but I got sorta scared cause it's 1AM and I'm alone in the dark so um yeah, bye xo

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