forty three

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When I get home, I am ready to choose my outfit for the party and wash my hair, but when I get on the house porch I see the hairdresser, Miss Aisha, waiting for me.

"Oh my God." I whisper to myself seeing as I completely forgot.

"Lolade, hi, how are you?" She asks with a smile on her face, and I don't know how to tell I can't have my hair done today.

Even though she came yesterday wanting to get my hair done and I told her the exact same thing, I can't postpone it again.

"You forgot I was coming?" She asks probably judging from my facial expressions.

I didn't even remember to answer her when she asked how I was.

"Well, yeah and I have somewhere to be, I'm really sorry." I say, picking at my nails, nervous habit.

"What time do you have to be there?" She says, her South African accent coming off more pronounced.

"Not until 8 or so." I give her a small smile , but question myself on why she's asking.

"Well it's only quarter to five, if I call one of the other girls from the salon, we can both finish it before time." She shrugs, and it seems like a good offer.

"Oh okay, thank you, I'll do that please, if you don't mind." I smile at her, taking my keys out and unlocking the door.

At the braids are being weft along with my natural hair, I begin to plan what I'm going to wear, seeing my closet when I close my eyes.

I decide on wearing an outfit I call typical Lola to the party, which consists of a white t-shirt, a denim or leather jacket and a plain black pair of jeans.

"All done." The other girl Miss Aisha brought tells me as the oil my hair with Shea butter and trim the edges.

"Thank you." I tell them as I stand up to get the money, I pull a hundred dollar bill from my wallet and she hands me back a twenty.

"Enjoy the party." Miss Aisha smiles at me, as she takes their leave.

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