twenty eight

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"How long is he here for?" Kim asks about my dad when we come to a red light and in truth, I have no answer for what she asked me, but I assume about a month which is how long he usually stays, so that's what I tell her.

Her eyes are puffy and dark underneath and it's pretty easy to tell considering how pale she is. Veins show on her eyelids and she looks drained, I'm surprised she's driving us.

"Kim are you okay?" I laugh lightly while taking a look at my phone's notifications.

I see her eyes struggling and squinting under the sunlight and I pull down her sun visor, she smiles thanking me.

"I'm so hungover, probably still drunk I don't even know, I don't remember how I got home," She pauses and laughs before continuing,

"My head is pounding and I've been trying to sleep but I just can't."

I search my bag for some aspirin and tell her to take some after she's eaten at Gabi's house.

As soon as Gabi hears her name she shoots up from the backseat, taking out her earphones with a confused expression on her face, "I heard my name."

I laugh at her and explain that I was telling Kim to eat and I'm soon interrupted as we pull up to the gate of a house which I assume is where Gabi lives.

Gabi puts her head out the window and talks to someone through a voice box and the gates open automatically.

We drive down a dark path and trees cover the sides like a forest before we reach another gate.
This one opens before we even reach it and we finally get to the house.

Kim's car circles around a massive fountain that holds two standing horses spitting water from their mouths. A Bentley and two black town cars are parked in front of us.

I don't even get a chance to finish looking around the front of the house before I have to look at the giant building that stands in front of us when we get out of the car.

"You live here?" I say, yell, at Gabi and I didn't even notice my mouth had been hanging wide open the entire time.

Kimberly pulls her black hood over her head as she gets out of the car and goes into the house without saying anything but she makes a groaning noise, as if the sunlight is affecting her, she holds her palm over her eyes.

"Yeah, why?" Gabi shrugs and I raise an eyebrow at her.

"Okay, well I know why'd you ask, but I don't know what you want me to say." She laughs, and tosses the keys to Kim who barely catches them, they slide on the ground beside her.

I begin to look around curiously.

The house has a gorgeous exterior is a combination of black and white, marble and glass. It could probably take my house four times and our car.

The pavement we walk on is covered in beautiful stones and although there is a thin layer of snow, the weather still doesn't feel cold.

There is a massive real Christmas tree out front decorated, seeing as it almost the middle of December, and fake mechanical reindeer moves their heads around the drive way covered in fairy lights.

I'm excited to see what the inside looks like until we arrive at the doorstep and the door opens before Kim puts the keys in.

"Hey guys," Gabi's twin sister, Danielle has a bright smile on her face and beside her stand Laura and Abbie.

The house is looking ugly on the inside so far, I sigh to myself.

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