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LANE IS MIXED RACE / LIGHT SKINNED/ 1/2 WHITE & 1/2 BLACK! Since some of y'all didn't know lool.

I wake up in my bed the next morning, with a massive headache, as streaks of sunlight hit my face.

I am wearing my jacket and my blanket covers my bottom half.

I sit up and see a tall, dark haired boy sitting on my desk and I immediately try to scream but I just make a sound from The Walking Dead.

I've lost my voice. I hold onto my throat, and I'm completely confused as to what happened last night.

The black haired boy turns round to face me and I immediately use more of my jacket to cover my bare chest.

"You're awake!" He says, blue eyes sparkling at me.

I immediately shift, "Who are you?" I manage to say and hand signal a bit.

"You don't remember?" He asks, "Okay what do you remember?"

I pull my phone from the table beside me and immediately begin typing. I try my best to remember what happened as I type.

I had just seen Kim, then I was just standing there with Lane and Dani, they offered me something to drink, and it had glucose in it????? And then everything from there was just hazy.

I hand the phone to him and he reads it in a few seconds before calling, "Kimberly!"

Kim's here? I want to say but can't find it in my throat to speak without feeling a burning sensation.

"Lola!" She screams and jumps into my bed, wrapping her arms around me and pulling me in to hug her.

I immediately burst into tears because I'm so confused, flashes from the previous night begin to pop in my head and I just hope they were dreams.

"Shh, it's okay. It's okay." She rubs my hair, and puts her chin on my head while I rest on her chest.

"What happened?" I force myself to say, and immediately feel the urge to throw up. I get up and run to the bathroom, and let it go.

"Lola I think you've got to see this." Sebastian leans over the doorway in the bathroom, and despite that I'm wearing only a jacket and a blanket covers my legs.

And I just puked, he still stands there. But I'm confused as to why he's here. I'm confused as to why they're all here.

What happened?

I nod and sign to him that I'll be there. I clean up the toilet, and brush my teeth.

I go to my room and throw on a sweatshirt and leggings.

I walk out and go downstairs into the living room, assuming that's where they've all gone considering my bedroom is now empty.

Sebastian sits in front of a laptop and when I get downstairs they all look at me with pitiful eyes.

Even the black haired guy, that looks familiar but have no idea who he is.

I go drink a glass of water hoping it'll help my throat which it does, and I'm able to speak a bit more.

"What?" I ask all of them cluelessly as they stare at me.

"Lola," Kim drags my name, and stands up with her hands pressed together, "Can you guys give us some privacy, I'll tell her." She says taking the laptop from Sebastian.

"Tell me what?" I say my voice cracks, and Eugene, Sebastian and unnamed guy all leave the room.

As soon as they leave Kim drops the laptop on the counter top, and then I see it.
The Black Girl

There are several pictures and the last one is a video.

In the first picture, I am lying on a bed and it seems the only source of light was the flash from a phone.

I am completely naked in all of them, some I lay on my side, and you can only see my butt crack while others you can only see my chest.

I skip past all those as I feel another lump in my throat, but I ignore my watery eyes and skip to the video.

The room is dark and the only source of light is the moon. You can hear someone silently crying and I hear Lane's voice telling me he's sorry.

With every thrust into me, Lane tells me he loves me, he tells me how sorry it is. I'm beyond embarrassed.

I shut the laptop and rush out of my house into the winter's cold, I get into my mum's car and start driving.

I don't know where I'm going but I hope I never have to come back here.

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