forty four

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Sorry if this chapter seems a bit long, but we are coming to an end in a few chapters guys 😭💖

It's almost 8, and that's when the party starts. But who really wants to get to a party early? Even though Eugene and Dani might have been there all day, I still plan on taking my time.

The house is very quiet, and I remember Sari and Jade travelled to Lagos yesterday unaccompanied, but will be back in time for the holidays.

I don't mind their absence at all, it's nice to have the house quiet.

My mum's been doing better, and decided on going to this prayer camp in Maryland, and I have the house all to myself.

I wonder how I didn't even notice everyone leaving me all alone, with Christmas being just over a week away, oh well I sigh to myself.

There's a loud knock on the door, and I can't think of who it is, but as soon as I open the door I can imagine why he's here.

"Lane, hi." I smile at him, my heart warming at his appearance. He gives me an even brighter smile and leans in to kiss me.

"You look great, so you deciding on coming?" He grins, as our lips pull apart.

"Yeah, why did you come here though?" I ask and he replies telling me, he knew I'd decide on going to Gabi and Danielle's party.

"How did you know I'd decide on going?" I raise an eyebrow, folding my arms as we walk out the stairs going to my own room.

"You had agree eventually. Or I'd have to drag you there myself." He shrugs laughing.


"Um, because everyone wants you there. You're gonna be the guest of the evening." He winks at me, and I just laugh, opening the door of my room.

Lucky enough, I cleaned it this morning before going to school, or else Lane would have seen my bras all over my bed and food wrappers and paper everywhere else.

"I like your room." Lane says plopping onto my bed, and taking my laptop onto his laps.

"Thanks, I'm just gonna get ready." I say remembering I'm not dressed when I see that Lane is.

He's wearing a plain black t-shirt with a demin jacket and black jeans. Most of his hair is concentrated towards the front, his golden twists forming a quiff like style.

"What are you going to wear?" He asks.

"Well, I was going to wear exactly what you're wearing except a white shirt rather than black, but you got ready first." I laugh, opening my close to find something new.

"Matching doesn't sound too bad." He smiles at me, pulling out his phone.

Hm, okay I shrug and tell him as I pull out a white long sleeved crop top.

"You should definitely wear that." Lane puts the receiver of his phone on his chin while staring at me.

"Actually I was thinking of wearing this," I pull out a very loose, bad-looking, washed down dress that I had sewn in the 9th grade for my DT project, "Do you like it?"

"Very funny,"  Lane grabs me by the waist and pulls me onto his lap, "Come here." He grins, placing his hand on my cheek, as our lips meet.

I feel like publishing the next chapters RIGHT NOW but I have to be patient. Ugh snayswqpzjxhsbs !! I'm so excited 😊

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