thirty eight

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I don't need a beta reader anymore, if in going to finish this story I'll finish it alone and take all the credit for it, no help what so ever, sorry for the inconvenience and getting your hopes up xox love you all (:

I'd never wish such on anyone.

No matter how much I hate them, or how awful they've been. No girl, or boy, should have to go through this.

After chasing Kim down to the bathroom, her face covered in tears, she was finally able to tell me what happened, and here we are in the guidance counsellor's office.

I feel like I'm forcing someone really big out of her and I would've preferred she told me, but at least the situation can be taken better care of now, I think to myself.

"Kimberly, are you okay, what's wrong?" Valerie our guidance counsellor takes Kim's hands and envelopes them in her own.

Valerie was probably five years older than us. Fresh out of college, young, which is probably why they hired her, so we could have a counsellor that's 'relatable' and 'fun'.

"In September, when we first started school, this guy-" Kim breaks down into more tears and her words barely come out clearly, as her breathing is heavy from the crying and heavy sniffing.

"Do you want me to leave?" I whisper to her, maybe she'd feel more comfortable without someone else in the room.

"No stay," She pulls me back as I hover above my seat, "I need to tell you everything that happened."

Kim begins and she tells it like a story, this is what she says:

"Back in 9th grade I started dating this senior Chuck Taylors, and he just wanted to use me for sex, it was terrible.

He forced me into dating him and kept pushing me to do things I wasn't interested in like weed, giving him head and whatever.

I eventually broke up with him even though he was so pissed, he destroyed my mum's car, but I got a restraining order against him and he was on probation then he graduated that year and went off to college.

I didn't talk to anyone about how abusive he was or anything because I knew that if I did he wouldn't get into college, and even though he did a lot of shit to me, I didn't want to ruin his life.

Over the summer, I was at a party with a few of my old friends and stuff, Chuck was there. I was pretty drunk and he forced himself on me and I let him.

Lane eventually came over, I didn't really know him then, but when I started to push Chuck away, and he continued to rub me all over, Lane came over, punched him and then offered to take me home.

He was drunk too, but he still drove. Chuck got really pissed and followed us with his own car.

Remember the homeless guy from the news that got hit by a car, Patrick Walsh?

Lane hit him.

Chuck called in anonymously and told the police, and they called us into station and questioned us.

I lied under oath. I made up this entire fake story about how we weren't drunk and we didn't see any homeless guy. And that's an offence, I could go to jail for obstruction of justice!

Any ways now we're in the 11th grade. Chuck came to visit his family  for thanksgiving, and he texted me telling me I should meet him for dinner, and he had a picture of Lane and me standing above the homeless guy's lifeless body in the middle of the road.

I agreed immediately, and I met him for dinner. Then he said if I didn't do what he wanted he would tell the police.

So I did everything his asked for, I was his toy even though he didn't have sex with me, we did other things, he also made me do his college essays, tidy his room, everything.

He called me again on the first of December, I met him in his car in some empty parking lot, he said he was going to give me all the evidence cause I did what he wanted.

I was pretty convinced, he swore. I just hoped he would.

He forced himself on me, and I mean, he, Chuck raped me.

He took something that belonged to my future husband all in the name of ten minutes of pleasure. And he recorded it.

I can't go to the police cause he says he'll tell everyone about Lane and I and the homeless guy, and he'll show everyone the tape of him.."

It hurt me deeply to write this, Kim is my favourite character :(

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