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Rohan Kishibe: There For Tomorrow by KingSilver47
Rohan Kishibe: There For Tomorrowby King Silver
It's 2002, and everything seems to be going normal in the town of Morioh. Ame is trying to find inspiration for her novels, and her former classmate Josuke gave her a su...
INFAMOUS (Ghostface)by ☆Nova☆
Eighteen year old Angelica Prince, a sassy African-American with a knack for masked men, finds herself living in a real life horror film when her small town of Woodsboro...
Whispers Of Eternity: A Victorian Love Chronicle by tomoesleftcheek
Whispers Of Eternity: A tojisbigtoe
three gay men and me stuck in between them. what a story right?
Manic Pixie: Black Girls and the Everyday by ceejustthewords
Manic Pixie: Black Girls and the cee
A collection of stories about black women and girls living their lives. Including stories of love, heart break, depression, fantasy, and pure joy. Please note that most...
doom boy and finale girl  by mmichaelprudence
doom boy and finale girl by mmichaelprudence
summer of 1995 was perfect for kennedy clark... until it wasn't. july seventeenth 1995. greenlake will never forget it. she will never forget it. one minute she's at sec...
Stuck In Tragedy, Vol.1 by Yunikooooo
Stuck In Tragedy, Vol.1by Yunikooooo
A city that's under attack under these mysterious but colorful creates named, Fusangs.Two students from 'Tsuaibara High' face the risky heights of stopping this apocalyp...
Vefolin by satisfi3d_
Vefolinby .....
Nobody wants an abandoned black boy in their town, they don't want a black boy with parents there either. Nevertheless, he's gotta make a living there and he does by sli...
Right Hand of God by TheRealEvanSG
Right Hand of Godby Evan Gamble
Ghosts, demons, and all things that go bump in the night crawl the Earth. Rarely, some people are born with the ability to see the supernatural no matter what form it ta...
A           D             D             I           C           T by aurassuphoric
A D aurassuphoric
'loving you was easy, it was you leaving that scarred' 'It's always been you' that's what she wanted him to say as she waited patiently for the sacred words to leave his...
The Takers by M0rgiez
The Takersby Morgie
While alone at home for a week, Frankie starts to become haunted by a ghost that has the body of a little girl. My book on amazon: The Takers by Morgan Johnson
I Am Legend: The First by JEKaniff
I Am Legend: The Firstby Janice Ekaterina Kaniff
An I Am Legend fan fiction set before the events of the movie/book, this story focuses on the experiences of the first group of successfully cured cancer patients. Thoug...
Dear book by indiemfsbelike
Dear bookby indiemfsbelike
Dana is a 16 year old girts hanging stars hanging out with the schools basketcase and her friends. is this what it is like to step out your comfort zone?
Freestyle by Optimusly
Freestyleby dess💫
Seventeen year old swimmer Nate is just trying to get through his last summer before college starts hassle free. But when his ex best friend drops a life shattering bomb...
how i fell in love w a girl    by rya33333
how i fell in love w a girl by pandoraxuwu
Top: 3 blackmaincharacter 21.01.2022 Instagram: @rya__ne33 I do not own the cover UP NOW Hi,my name's Nya and I'm going to show you how I met the love of my life. And g...
Mythologia Obscurum by animeotaku
Mythologia Obscurumby animeotaku
Their world was once ruled by one as one. Every child knows the story of the First True King by heart. Every child knows a different story. Some claim he was a god. Som...
My child season 1 by Chloe4802337
My child season 1by Axel
Light is dead but his memories stayed the same. He went down to earth in search of somebody to use. Until he found them
The One That Saved Us by xerogrqvity
The One That Saved Usby xerogrqvity
You're walking down the street, when you spot a familiar figure. they've come to warn you about something....
To Play Pretend by verybean
To Play Pretendby verybean
For her to turn Lux down would be someone refusing Lux Hall. And no one refused Lux Hall. R.J. never could say "No." to her. ⟡⟡⟡⟡ After a series of unfortu...
The Pixie Dust Gardens by amaniarts
The Pixie Dust Gardensby Amani
Kensington had become a place of urban legends, ghost kids, kidnapped women, fairies, and a mysterious traveling bar that attracted lost souls. Wendy knew not what she h...
Eternal Mischief by ViperaSagittario
Eternal Mischiefby Ally
Aleia Evans is the twin sister of Lily Evans and her life has been ideal, especially with finally going to Hogwarts like she dreamed of ever since Severus told her siste...