thirty seven

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Wednesdays were always better than other days.

Christmas is a bit over two weeks away yet the Mother Nature of Washington State is yet to produce any snow. It's just been raining and windy, but nothing. No snow storm.

And no snow storm means we have to continue going to school. My mum returned home last night but the doctor gave her a strict bed rest and she's on a food plan arranged by the dietician they gave her.

I don't know why my dad's decided to leave, but he says he'll be back in two weeks for Christmas, he just needs to settle some things in London, he took the first flight yesterday morning.

"Are you coming?" Kim chirps as we walk down the hall and since Monday, all I've been contemplating is telling her I saw her at the abortion ward or not telling her.

"Coming to what?" I ask, even though my mind isn't paying attention to what she's about to say.

"Gabi's party, well Danielle's, well they're twins so they have their birthday on the same day," Kim pulls at my arm seeing as she is much shorter than me, and I decide to stop at my locker and drop my books.

"I didn't know about it, but I'm not going now that I do." It may come off as a bit harsh, but I just shrug.

"Come on Gabi's your friend, she'd want you there," Kim frowns and pulls the side of her lips down with her fingers, pouting at me.

I can't take this anymore. I sigh to myself.

I drag Kim into the nearest empty classroom and just lay it all on her, even though my issues don't seem a lot to the naked eye, they seem a lot to me.

"Gabi kissed me on Saturday," I begin.

"What?!" Kim shrieks and I cup my hand over her mouth and shush her.

"And then my mum has anaemia," I continue.

"Oh my God, wait-" She pulls my hand of her mouth and wants to begin to speak but I interrupt her any ways.

"I have a really bad feeling about Lane, it's like an itch, but I don't know where the itch is," I look her in the eyes so I can tell her the last one.

"And I saw you at the abortion ward on Monday," I probably shouldn't have said this one, because Kim's face becomes ghostly and she takes her bag and runs out of the class.

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