forty two

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This chapter is my shoe size aye 😼

On Thursday Kim doesn't come to school, and I walk around with Danielle, Lane and Eugene for some reason. We're and odd mix but they don't seem to mind.

Today, Friday, school seems to drag on for ages, and everyone is talking about the party tonight that Gabi and Danielle are throwing and I've decided I'll go.

"So, what are you wearing to the party tonight Miss Good Girl Gone Bad?" Dani asks me as I stand beside her at her locker holding my books to my chest.

"Who me?" I laugh at her comment.

"Yes you silly," She sticks her tongue at me, shaking her head as well.

"One, I have not gone 'bad' and two, I'm just going to decide when I get home. Whatever looks best." I shrug.

Eugene walks up to both of us, his skin a bit more tanned. And he's dressed in a white sleeved shirt and a long black drench coat with dress pants for some reason that I don't question.

"Is no one going to tell me how amazing I look?" He smiles, playing with Dani's hair, so she slaps his hand away, amusingly whispering stop.

"What's with you today?" I laugh as we all begin to walk to our separate classes. Even though Eugene was like this everyday, it didn't hurt to ask.

"You know they say you are what you eat, and this morning I ate a sexy Greek god," He flatters himself white Danielle and I burst into laughter.

"Well a sexy Asian god, but you get what I mean." He laughs and Danielle walks into the history room telling us she'll see us later tonight.

"What's with you and the jock?" Eugene winks at me as we continue to walk together.

I hadn't even remembered we were in the same Government and Politics class until now.

"Lane isn't a jock." I smile.

"Sports, popular, good looking, he's a jock babe." Eugene tells me opening the door to class for me and I thank him.

"There is a major difference between a jock and an athlete, Lane's an athlete. Jocks tend to abuse their popularity, while the athletes don't really mind who they talk to or hang out with. Lane may have been a jock at some point, but he's not anymore."

I smile at Eugene, taking the seat in front of him.

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