twenty six

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Right Now by One Direction xoxo

My feet are going to give up soon, and since everyone's already left I decide to take off my heels and hold them in my arms to my chest along with my purse.

I found a note of my table that said hide and seek and I think it was from Laura. I've spent the past few minutes looking around the school for Lane and there's still no sign of him even though I called him a few times.

He won't just leave like that. Would he?

I roam around the empty hallways feeling a bit scared but I ignore the thought of supernatural creatures being around and continue to look through the glass sector of classroom doors.

Kim got drunk off champagne, I think. So Sebastian and Gabi took her home and I told them to leave without me, that I'd find my way home.

I decide to give up on finding Lane and go back to the hall to sit and call either my mum or Gabi to come back and pick me up.

I sit on the table where we all ate and take a seat, propping my elbows onto the table and start scrolling through my contacts. I drop my shoes and purse on the chair beside me before strange things begin to happen.

I see someone walk in.

"You were meant to dance with me," Mysterious boy stands in the middle of the dance floor, hands in his pockets and his mask still remains covering his face.

"I don't recall making any promises," I give a hint of amusement of my voice, not bothering to look at him.

"Well I'll just stand here till you do,"His hand still remain in the pockets of his dress pants and he shrugs.

He keeps his promise and stands there for about a minute while we stare at each other before I finally give in. I pick up my shoes and begin to put them on before he stops me, "You don't have to wear them."

I climb down the three stairs onto the dance floor and stand in front of him facing him.

"No music?" I grin placing my hands on hips and I feel shorter than him by far. He towers over me and laughs.

"Any requests?"

"Right now by one direction," I challenge and he just shrugs.

"You heard her," He calls out to whoever he's speaking to and although I don't even see anyone, the song I asked for begins to play.

He offers me one hand while wrapping the other around waist pulling me closer. I take his hand and place my second hand on his upper arm, slightly below his shoulder.

The room darkens as the lights dim, to tell the truth, I am frightened. A fog starts to rise from the ground and the snow machine comes on again as light snow falls on me again.

My feet are a bit cold but I don't complain as he starts to dance with me.

I love this feeling that right now
I wish you were here with me
Cause right now
Everything is new to me.
You know I can't fight the feeling.
And every night I feel it.
Right now
I wish you were here with me.

From the lyrics my mind immediately darts to Lane but I don't want to think about him as Mystery Boy's blue eyes pierce into mine.

"Who are you?" I say quietly and feel my pulse quicken in my neck.

"That's for me to know and for you to find out." He says without his smile, his face is serious as he spins me around and pulls me back to him even closer than we were before.

"And if I tell you, what fun would this be?" His voice is raspy as he quietly whispers by my ear.

His hands are ice cold pressed against my back, seeing as my dress is two parts, a crop top and a skirt, but it doesn't feel bad against my warm skin.

"You're so beautiful, anyone who doesn't think so, is in their wrong minds." He presses his lips against my ear and says as we move from side to side.

And I could do this forever, Zayn's voice sings and my heart warms as the boy in front of me smiles at me.

"Oh Lane," Mystery boy shakes his head downwards laughing.

"What's wrong with Lane?" I tilt my head back in confusion, "Do you know where he is?" I ask anxiously.

"I don't know, do you actually believe all the bullshit, he's been feeding you? I thought you were smarter." He shrugs.

I immediately pull my hands from him, and furrow my eyebrows, "You don't know anything about him."

"Neither do you. And when you find out, you'll be miserable Lola," He tells me as if I'm a child.

"You're just like the rest of them and this, was obviously a mistake," I say pointing back and forth between us.

I go back up the stairs and aggressively pick up my shoes and purse, "Why are you all so jealous and trying to put us apart I mean, because the geek finally gets the god you're all so rude, I'm leaving."

I begin to walk around the hallways again hoping not to run into my new enemy in search for Lane.

I bump into a tall figure before me, and sigh, "What do you w- Lane," I say and a huge load of relief washes over me as I pull him into a hug and he hugs me back.

"Hey," Lane says into my hair, "Sorry I disappeared but I have no idea what happened, I woke up in a closet."

"What do you remember?" I say as we begin to walk out of the school.

"I don't know," He explains, "Well last thing I remember, you told me to go say hi to Laura, then she offered me some champagne and then I woke up in the janitors closet, I was probably just really wasted I don't know," He shrugs.

Lane drives me home and that night I barely sleep as I think about everything that happened.

My dreams are clouded with a masked boy, hair that is brown but looks black, a boy with icy cold blue eyes, and I can't seem to get him off my mind.

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