thirty nine

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I don't know what the police plan on doing when they get here, but I don't share my opinion with anyone as Kim and the guidance counselor, Valerie, go to the principal's office.

I stayed with Kim until the principal told me it was fine to leave and this would be taken care of, that I could return to class.

I begin to wonder whether she'd tell them about her and Lane being drunk in his car and then him ramming into a homeless guy.

Chuck always seemed like a typical bullying jock, but I was still in shock from hearing everything Kim told Valerie and I, and from this I can barely concentrate as I walk down the hallway, I walk into many people.

"Sorry," I quietly say, as people yell "Watch where you're going Raven Symone."

I don't answer to their racist comments but I'm surprised people still haven't gotten used to me being one of the only black girls in town, even though I've been here longer than most of them.

In Geography class, all I can think about is food, and can't wait for the bell to ring for lunch. My teacher's words are drowned by my thoughts, and my heart rate is higher than normal.

Why didn't Kim just tell me, or tell someone, talk to anyone? I think to myself as Mr Stillinski draws a volcano on the board.

Eventually the bell rings and we are free from the prisons, known to adults as classrooms and usually I'm one for school, but all I want to do is leave.

"Hey." Gabi stands beside my locker as I drop off my books, and she doesn't look well.

Her brown hair is tied up messily, and her eyes as very red with black bags underneath them. She's not wearing any makeup, and the natural redness of her spots come forth, but she still manages to look like a goddess either way.

"Hi." I slowly begin to close my locker, but leave it open a bit, trying to figure out what she wants.

"I need to talk to you, it's something really important, but first I need to tell you something." Gabi says, her voice drained like she needs water.

She lets out a cough and covers her mouth as I try to figure out what she wants.

"Lola, I really like you. That's why I came with Kim to go dress shopping in the first place, which is how we finally met, I can't help it. Over the past few weeks, or months, I just find myself falling and falling for you over and over again," Her hands clench hard of her empty plastic bottle and I don't know what to tell her.

"Gabs-" I begin.

"You don't have to say anything," Gabi says.

I didn't even notice the hallways become this empty with only a few senior jocks passing by at the far end of the corridor. I look around the halls, trying not to look at Gabi in the eye.

But when I turn back to face her, Gabi kisses me, again. And I quickly pull away.

"Lola, I love you."She says, her eyes beginning to water and she sniffs.

"Stop! Just stop okay! I love you too Gabi, just not like that, not the way you want me to. I'm sorry."

I walk past her, slamming my locker shut.

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Faking It needs to return 🙄

Faking It needs to return 🙄

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