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Here Lane was standing in front of me, with no shirt what-so-ever, wearing only his gym shorts and Nike free runs for shoes and somehow managing to move the muscles in his breasts, very fast.

"Can you stop?" I laugh, staring at his chest.

"Stop what? What am I doing?" He smiles a bit, trying to contain his laughter while he continues to move his nipples without having to touch them.

"Oh my gosh, no stop." I laugh, covering my eyes with one hand, before one of the guys from the locker room decides to walk right into me even though there's lots of space in the hallway where we are stood.

"Watch where you're going Sharkeisha, I don't want you to stain my shirt,"


He laughs throwing his gym bag over his shoulder, racist.

"Dude, that's crossing the line, you're being a fucking asshole for no reason, you know that Derek?" Lane points at him, a strong look on his face.

"You're not one of them, so don't go thinking you are standing up for her," The guy, Derek gives a sly grin before shutting the door behind him.

Lane begins to walk over to the door to go after him but with the little strength I have I manage to get a hold of his arm but he pulls me along with him.

"Lane, just let it go," I say as he reaches for the handle of the door.

"No, he needs to get into his head that-" He starts as we walk out of the locker room into the schools main hallway.

We immediately notice the principal talking to one of the teachers in front of a classroom, and Lane wants to walk around shirtless to go fight someone.

I hint that the principal is standing right there, so we both turn back and head to the locker room. Lane still looks pretty upset, his face turning red.

"You wanted to talk to me about something?" I give a small smile, looking down picking at my nails, a nervous habit of mine.

Lane takes a seat beside me on bench and gives me a concerned look, "Why do let people say stuff like that to you, and you just want to let it go? What is he? KKK? You stain his shirt? That's the most bullshit I've heard in a while, that's so fucking rude," he kicks his shoes against the ground.

"I've experienced to much, I'm sort of numb to it now," I explain.

Wasn't the first time someone has called me Sharkeisha, Latania, Bonisha, honestly there was nothing wrong with those names, and I didn't mind being addressed by them but that wasn't my name.

"I'm really sorry-" He begins.

"It's not your fault." I smile at him and he replies with an equally nice smile, his dimples very deep.

"About yesterday, I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable by saying I should date you, I didn't mean to say it that way, especially since I'm with Laura, but I don't know if you want to continue helping me-"

He looks down the whole time he speaks and I feel bad for him and decide to do the right thing.

"It's not a big deal, don't worry, I will continue helping you, I don't mind at all, hey how about tomorrow?" I bend over to tie my shoelaces again.

"Yeah that'll be great-" He smiles at me and stares into my eyes when I get back up, but he's cut off by another girl's voice.

"Babe, are you in here? Lane?"

The voice belonged to Laura.

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