twenty five

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It's 3am and I'm eating croissant typing this #thuglife

You know when you were expecting something to happen and you can completely see it happening but even when it does, it still totally catches you off guard.

I wasn't hoping or expecting to be snow queen or whatever, not at all actually, that'll be too out of a movie but I didn't expect Laura to go to extreme measures to make sure it was her and Lane, even though they weren't together.

The crown placed on Laura's has diamonds covered and is in a tiara style and I begin to worry the diamonds may be real.

A girl in a shimmery pink dress hands Laura a bouquet of white roses and she stands beside Lane and holds onto his elbow while he stuffs his hands in his pockets.

The school photographer comes towards them and takes a picture of them, Lane seems unfazed while Laura smiles bright like her life depends on while everyone cheers at them and they take the first dance as Palos Hill's royalty.

Lane looks like he's not having any of it and I begin to laugh and he holds Laura's waist and looks over to me rolling his eyes.

"Bitch." Kim says me while sipping on some punch from a straw.

"Tell me about it, no wonder she was talking to that girl Anna by the vote booth, she's pathetic honestly," Gabi says and I can tell they're just trying to make me feel better.

I'm annoyed at her but it doesn't bother me as much as it should, I shrug and take a sip of my water, "She's lonely, I stole her boyfriend. The least I can do is let her dance with him due to her shallow hole of self pity and desperation."

Sebastian bursts into tears of laughter and shakes his head, "Girls are vicious, I swear."

We all join along and people soon start to fill the dance floor and before I know it Lane is sitting beside me again.

"Hey, you looked happy," I sarcastically remark to him.

"She's just trying to annoy you and it's annoying me, just ignore her." He brings his mouth close to my hear and I feel his lips brush against me.

"It's fine," I tell him honestly and he replies with a small smile, Kim and Sebastian have left to dance as they're playing a mainstream song, Blank Space by Taylor Swift.

Gabi gets up and goes to another table to talk to her friend Tyler who also came alone, which leaves Lane and I alone on the table.

I immediately remember Lane telling me we'd talk tonight, and I'm not sure whether to bring it up or not, and when I do he stops me with a kiss. His lips are cold, probably from the fake snow and cold air circulating the room, at first his act of public affection stops me and I quickly kiss him back and put it to an end.

"Laura really wants to hang out with you," I scroll though my phone, looking for a game to play.

"Too bad, cause I  want to hang out with you." He beams and his comment makes me blush, but I can't stand the uneasiness I feel as Laura quickly glances over at me, shooting daggers from her eyes.

"She's trying to kill me by looking at me, just dance with her, one song, please?" I put on the best teeth smile and hold onto his arm, and he looks at me for a while before sighing and agreeing.

When Lane leaves the table I am left alone which I am fine with. Gabi texts me from Tyler's table asking if I want to come over and hang out with them but I decline her offer, telling her I'm okay. I begin to play an annoying game named Stick Hero, and I soon begin to get so frustrated and consumed in it, that I don't notice someone sit right beside me.

I jump when I see him. I figured he was a boy even though his face was covered with a black mask that covers his eyes up to his mouth and I can only see the sparkle of his light blue eyes, he's dressed in a fitted suit with a bow tie rather than a long one.

"Hey?" I laugh and he stares at me very intensely.

"Dance with me." His voice is deeper than I expected, it's like a boy just waking up from sleep, raspy type of voice, and I had a thing for that.

"I don't know you," I laugh raising an eyebrow, and drop my phone on the table.

"Does it matter?" Yes, I answer in my head.

"Lola, you should dance with me, beside Lane's gone," The boy shrugs and takes a strawberry off Kim's abandoned plate and examines it before dropping it back.

"How do you know my name?" I scan my eyes around the dance floor, and Lane is gone. Laura is no where to be seen and neither are her minions, I just sigh and not bother myself. This was going to happen as Kim said, Laura would seduce Lane, drag him away and ruin my night, but I wasn't going to let her.

"I just know. And the bitch probably kidnapped him, she's insane," He pulls out his phone and I try to sneak a peek maybe he's his own wallpaper, then I'd know who he is, but he notices and pulls away, swiping his fingers side to side.

"Ah, ah, ah." He says and I hear humor in his voice then he puts his phone in his pocket.

It's already eleven, and I am tired. The amount of people around is decreasing by the minute and Kim and Sebastian have now joined Tyler and Gabi, along with this other girl from my Math class, Bailey.

Mystery boy still sits beside me, and stares at me. "You look prettier when you smile." He soon stands up and takes the strawberry he once held and points it to me before taking a bite from it. "Let's dance, in a hour. Midnight.

Then he leaves.

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