fifty six

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Lane and I stared at each other probably for five seconds but it felt like an eternity. He opens his mouth to say or maybe mouth something to me, but I quickly pull Alex into my house before he can start.

"Do you have a passport?" Alex asks, jumping onto the couch. I am amused by how he's only been here twice and seems very comfortable.

"I have three." I grin at him, before letting out a small laugh.

"Isn't that against the law or something?" He raises a brow at me, turning on the tv and putting it on a sports channel.

"Nigeria doesn't have care about that law, so you can get a Nigerian passport even if you already have ten other ones." I laugh, opening the fridge to get milk for my cereal.

"Oh, that's cool. You should be able to be from as many countries as you like." He smiles at me, coming to the kitchen and sitting on the counter.

"Yeah like the ten year olds on Instagram, one third Jamaican, one third Chinese, quarter Puerto Rican, half Italian, born and raised in South Africa, lives in Australia right?" I laugh, taking a spoon of cereal into my mouth.

"Okay, maybe not. But we have to go, the flight is at eleven." He lets out a huge chuckle.

I push my cereal to the side and begin to walk upstairs, before Alex asks ,"Where are you going?"

"To take a shower." I simply reply, in the middle of my step.

"You haven't taken a shower?" He gasps, "Then why do you smell so good? You're literally glowing." He says raising in eyebrows in shock.

"No need for a shower, change, grab your passport, hurry up Lolita." He smiles at me.

"Lolita?" I ask him laughing.

"Lola, Lolita?" He says trying to get me to catch on, "No?" He asks when I just stare at him with a blank yet slightly amused expression on my face.

"No." I laugh, going upstairs to get my things and giving Alex permission to eat the rest of my cereal when he asks.

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