Being his best friend (Dallas)

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- having him be overprotective of you

- always causing trouble together, like graffitiing a wall

- you being the only person he'll hug

- he willingly opens up to you and you open up to him

- sharing a bed when you stay the night together... And always feeling him put his arms around you

-going to Buck's parties together

- long drives with good music

-always wearing one of his jackets

- him giving you a switchblade because he wants you to be safe

-him being there to comfort you as best he could when you're upset

- the gang teasing him about how you're making him soft and that it's obvious he has feelings for you

- going skinny dipping in the lake together all the time in the summer, then getting drunk and sitting by the lakeside at night next to a fire

-late night talks that usually end up in you both laughing at eachother

-pillow fights (like imagine him getting all aggressive because you hit him with a pillow but he's really only joking so he just hits you back and then it turns into a full blown pillow war, like running around the whole house to get eachother)

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