Cute best friend moment (Johnny)

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You walked into your living room with a bowl full of popcorn and sat down beside Johnny. It was Friday night and you had the gang over for a game night which usually ended up on everyone getting too drunk or excited and forgetful to ever finish a game.

"What if we do something different instead of playin' cards." Ponyboy suggested. "Like what?" Steve glared at him. "We could do truth or dare, but we gotta think of the craziest dares, y'all are gonna hate me." Soda pitched in and everyone agreed.

After finding out some juicy info about Two-Bit and some girl and watching Dally drink a whole carton of milk filled with food coloring and watching him puke blue colored liquid, and Steve coming back inside from running down the block naked, it was Johnny's turn. "Jonny, truth or dare?" Steve smiled as he sat down. "Truth I guess." He mumbled.

The guys looked at eachother and you could see a smirk Coke across their faces. "What are your honest feelings about y/n?" Steve asked and Jonny started blushing.

He took a couple seconds to say something; then he spoke. "Well, I love her. She's there for me now matter the time of night and she takes care of me and actually cares about what happens to me and she watches out for me like no one else ever has. She is my best friend and I fall in love with her more everyday. She's something else." He said and seemed lost in thought, then he looked at you and smiled. All the guys had gotten bored of him going on and on so they weren't paying attention anymore.

"I love you too Jonny." You smiled and grabbed his hand.

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