Cute best friend moment (Steve)

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It was just after a rodeo and Steve was so hyped up on energy that you couldn't keep up with him. You had drove with him there so he had to drive you home. You got in his truck and he blasted the radio and started singing at the top of his lungs. That was something you always loved about him, how much fun he can have from the simplest things. 

You smiled at him and started singing along with him until the song ended. It was quiet for a minute as you came up to your road, but Steve kept on going. "Stevie you drove past my road!" You looked at him. "I know, I thought we could go for a drive, haven't done that in awhile." He smiled and looked back at the road.

Steve pulled onto the highway and put the windows down as he excelled his speed. Wind was flying through your hair and the music was blasting. My Girl by The Temptations came on and Steve looked at you "I've got sunshine." He sang and you started giggling. He kept singing and when the song says "my girl" he grabbed your hand and kissed it. "You're my number one girl y/n, don't ever forget that babe!" He smirked. You giggled and looked at him. "I love you too Steve." You said and he smiled then drove you home, acting completely foolish the whole time.

A/N: that was really simple but like its adorable

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