Two-Bit Imagine

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You were standing by the door of the corner store, watching to see if anyone was gonna walk by. "Jesus (y/n)! Quit worryin'! We ain't gonna get caught!" Two-Bit called and you turned around. "Keith, I'm not sure I'm comfortable." You looked at him and he walked up to you. "Ive  stolen stuff tons of times doll, and besides, it's real fun once you get into it! C'mon pick somethin' out ya like." He giggled like a kid and ran up an isle in the store. You and Two weren't officially a couple yet, but you really liked him a lot, even though he was kinda weird and got drunk a lot.

You walked up an isle and looked at some candy and things. What were you supposed to steal from a corner store? You picked up some random chocolate bar and stuffed it in your bra. "You dig ok baby! Nice job!" Two-Bit said from beside you, making you jump. "Hey! Look at this!" He turned his attention to the cooler on the floor. It was full of bottled beer. "Let's take it." He smiled and lifted it. "Maybe we sho-" you were about to say when Two-Bit lost his balance, sending bottles everywhere, shattering loudly. "Shit!" Two-Bit laughed as he stood up. "What was that!?" Someone yelled fro what sounded like right outside. "Let's jet!" Keith grabbed your hand and ran to the back room, slamming the door behind him.

There were footsteps in the main part of the store now. "I think they're still here officer." A woman's voice said. "Maybe the back room?" A man asked, most likely the cop. "Yes! Please go check." The woman replied. You stated panicking and looked at Two-Bit, who was fiddling with the window. "Help me push it up!" He whispered. You ran over and together, managed to push the window opened. "Here." Two pushed you up and you crawled out. "HEY! You damn hood's! I'll arrest you!" The mans voice yelled and you looked back into the room to see the cop staring at you both. "Not today my fat friend!" Two-Bit cackled as he pulled himself through the small opening. "C'MON (Y/N)!" He stood up and grabbed your hand, running down the street and into an alleyway.

You stood back against the wall as Two-Bit stood with his hands pinning you there. He smiled and planted a kiss on your lips. "I got somethin' for ya." He whispered and pulled something out of his pocket. It was a small gold band. "Will you maybe.. Uh be mine?" He chewed his lip waiting for your response. "KIETH! Of course!" You smiled and jumped into his arms. "Good, no one else would do that kind of thing with me, you're somethin' else (y/n), I love you." He smiled and held your butt. "I love you too." You kissed his cheek and then followed him through the alley, onto his next adventure. 

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