Something he does that you love

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Darry: he always flexes his muscles when you're around and he always got you to feel them and tell him if he feels buffer or not.

Steve: he always rambles off about cars and stuff, you pretend you're annoyed when he started talking about them and then he stops everytime and kisses you and says "sorry, cars are my second love, next to you (y/n)."

Two-bit- no matter what the situation, he's always crackin' jokes. You love when he does it though because it always makes you smile, even if you're crazy mad at him.

Johnny- he always gets really clingy and cuddly when you two are alone and you love it because you love cuddling with Johnny and making him feel loved.

Ponyboy: he always tells you random stories at random times just to make you smile.

Sodapop: he'll kiss you at random times, it don't matter where you are, he just loves kissing you and it makes you happy that he shows his love for you.

Dally: he's always super protective of you. If you're somewhere together and he thinks a guys checking you out, he'll put an arm around you or kiss you or grab your butt. He just cares about you so much that he doesn't wanna loose you because honestly, he thinks he doesn't deserve someone as amazing as you.

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