Something he loves about you

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Darry: he loves your confidence, if a girl is flirting with him, you sure aren't afraid to show her whose boss. He thinks it's sexy because it shows independence and you can take care of yourself, and take control of things;)

Steve: he loves how cute and clingy you get when you want his attention. If you miss him you'll go down to the DX and hug him around the waist until he hugs you back, or when you're hangin' out, you'll always be laying on top of him or touching him in some way and he thinks it's adorable because you love him so much that you need him all the time.

Two-bit: he loves how you aren't afraid to speak your mind, if someone offends you or somebody you care about, you mouth right off at them without a filter, proving your point. He thinks it's good for a girl to be able to protect herself and things she cares about.

Johnny: he loves how you take care of him all the time. Whether it's just making him lunch, or cleaning his cuts when his dad beats him and then cuddling with him till' he feels better, you're there for him 100% and he's there for you just the same, making your relationship almost perfect!

Ponyboy: he loves how deep you can get in conversation. He could say something about a sunset and you'd go off about how it could save someone life and the huge impact it had on that person, or make up crazy amazing scenarios that he thinks are cute. He loves bringing something up and then listening to you ramble on about it and make it more powerful than it was.

Sodapop: he adores how much love you feel for him. The smallest things you do for him just makes him melt, like visiting him randomly at work or making him supper and cuddling, he loves getting kisses from you the most though. He appreciates everything you do and he couldn't imagine a life without you anymore because he's fallen so in love with you!

Dally: he might not admit it, but he loves how you're able to get him on his sensitive side. If you go to him with your problems or anything, he's always willing to listen and help you figure out a way to make it better. You also are good at talking to him and making him talk about his feelings, which he never does with anyone, but he loves you so much that he wants you to know every side of him.

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