Being his best friend (Darry)

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-You were like his back bone, he always asked you for advice when it came to raising his brothers

-You helped him around the house with housework and what not

-You lived with him and his brothers because your parents had rejected you... And he was there for you 100%

- Having obvious feelings for each other and having a lot of sexual tension between the two of you (I mean, he sees you in just a bra and underwear... Can you blame him... Lol)

-Being the "Mom" of the gang

-the whole gang asks you for advice about anything

-Having food fights with Darry while cooking supper

-always laughing at everything with eachother... You're the only person who can make him laugh

-people thinking that you're a married couple when you go in public together

- Been friends for a long time... Since middle school (grade 8)

-being eachothers supporters and helping eachother with everything

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