You get in an argument

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Darry: He left clothes all over your bedroom floor again for the 1000th time. You never used to mind, but lately it's been getting bad and it gets in your way when you're trying to get ready in the morning. You picked up every piece of clothing and threw them on the bed then walked into the kitchen . Darry, Soda and Ponyboy were sitting at the table. "Darrel... You keep leaving clothes all over the floor, it just gets annoying trying to move around and step on all your stuff." You said to him and sat down. "Well! I'm sorry ok, I work so much I never have a damn minutes to pick anything up, and I don't see you working your lazy ass to pick them up so I don't know what to tell you!" He snapped and you gasped. "Darry, she's just trying to help." Soda said softly. "I don't care! She's just moving things around and it's annoying! Now I gotta go or I'll be late!" Darry stood up and stormed out of the house. Ponyboy and Sodapop stared at you. "Don't let it bother you (y/n), he's always like that, you know that." Pony said and patted your shoulder. You nod and then go back into your bedroom. You take all the clothes and wash them then put them away in their proper spot, do the housework and then cook supper for the boys when they get home. Supper was finished and you were helping Pony with his math waiting for Darry to get home. He walked into the house and straight to the bedroom. After a couple minutes he came into the kitchen and put his hands on your shoulders. "I over reacted this morning, thanks for cleaning up (y/n), I love you so much!" He kissed your cheek and you were relieved he wasn't mad anymore.

Steve: He never paid attention to you anymore. He was either at work or off with Soda at some drag race or Rodeo. It was late at night and he wasn't home yet and you were worried. At 2:25am he walked through the door. "Where the hell have you been! I've been sitting here for 5 hours, worried sick because you never tell me anything or leave me notes to let me know where you are and if you're ok! Steve, this just isn't workin' anymore!" You were on the verge of tears and he was just staring at you. "I can't believe you! I'm always workin' and when I have a night off and go off and have a good time I get yelled at!" He yelled back. "Maybe I'd be ok with it if you just let me know where you were going!" You cried. "Well! Maybe I don't need to tell you everything! Jesus why are ya always up my ass about everything! Just stop! Leave! I don't need you!" He yelled and it was like a slap in the face. You started crying and ran into the bedroom. You laid on the bed and cried. Steve didn't care. You kept crying and then felt the bed sink and Steve was beside you. You gave him a look that could kill. "What do you want?" You said angrily. "To explain myself." He said softly. "Look, (y/n), I never meant anything I said ok, I've just been stressed lately and I liked goin' out and doin' stuff because it took my mind off stuff, I should've told you, taken you with me. Jesus, you've been working your butt off and I never show how thankful I am and I'm really sorry (y/n) for never talking to you." He smiled and you kissed him. "I forgive you Steve." You smiled. "Thank god! How bout' we got out for supper tomorrow night?" He suggested. "I'd like that." You kissed him again and you guys fell asleep in eachother's arms.

Two-bit: He was drunk. Again. He came home and left a mess everywhere and you had to clean it and then get him into the shower to sober up. After he came back into the bedroom from his shower, he flopped on the bed and smacked your butt. "Keith!" You screamed. "Be cool baby!" He winked. "Keith, we need to talk." You sat up. "Your drinking is getting out of control, you pass out on the street, get in fights and then come home and leave a mess all over the house for me to clean up, it's just so hard on me always worrying about you and then you just keep doing it." You looked at him. "I can do whatever I want! I can't listen to you, you don't have the right to tell me what to do, God why do you always complain about everything?" He stood up and slammed the door on the way out. You just rolled your eyes and fell asleep. In the middle of the night, there was a knock on the front door. You got out of bed angrily and opened the front door to see Two-bit's tear stained face staring back at you. "I'm such a dick! I'm so sorry baby I love you I never meant it! Please I'm so sorry (y/n)!" He started crying and you pulled him into a hug. "It's ok Two-bit, just be more responsible next time ok?" You looked at him and he nodded then you took him to bed and cuddled until you fell asleep.

Johnny: He stopped letting you care for him after his dad beats him and you hated it because you cared about him so much. One night he came over, with new bruises. "Johnny, let me get some ice and an aspirin for you!" You said and walked into your bathroom. When you tried to put the ice on his bruised face and he pushed it away. You sighed. "Johnny! Why don't you even let me help you!" You raised your voice. "I dunno, I just don't need your help!" He snapped back and it hurt. "Oh... Ok then. Go get Ponyboy to help you then." You said and stormed out of the room. He chased you and grabbed your hand. "No! No no, (y/n), it's not that I don't need your help." He said, putting a hand on your face. "Then what is it?" You said annoyed. "I just hate that you have to see me like this... It makes me sad." He pouted and your heart melted. "Awe baby, I just want to help you and make you better, I sorry I got mad." You kissed him. "It's ok." He shrugged. "Come on, let me help." You guys sat on the couch and you held ice on his bruises and cuddled him.

Ponyboy: He was always leaving books at your place. There was a huge stack in the corner of your room and everything you walked by it, it fell over from the floor moving. It happened a thousand times a day and you were done. You grabbed a duffle bag and put all the books in it and walked down to his house. You walked in and he looked up from a book. "Hey (y/n)!" He smiled and stood up. "These are yours, please don't ever bring books to my house again because I'm done picking them up! Ponyboy it's disrespectful!" You handed him the bag. "Are you serious? You know how I like books and you obviously don't give a damn about what I like, just leave." He shook his head and walked to his bedroom. You rolled your eyes and walked out. You were walking back up to your house when you heard someone behind you. You looked to see Ponyboy following you. "I'm sorry Pony! I love you and the books shouldn't bother me! I overreacted!" You hugged him and he kissed your cheek. "It's ok!" He shrugged and pulled a book out I his jacket and you started laughing. "Here, take this home, I'm gonna read it to you. He laughed and handed it to you. "Let's go now, I want you to read to me." You held his hand and walked up to your house together.

Sodapop: He was being really distant lately and you were worried he wasn't ok. You decided to walk down to the DX to surprise him. He was happy to see you but barley talked. "Soda, what's up with you lately? You seem so distant and I'm scared you're not doing so well." You say and grab his hand but he pulls away. "I'm fine!" He snapped and then started walking away. "So you're just never gonna talk to me again? Do you even love me anymore Sodapop Curtis?" You called to him. At this point you were crying. He looked back at you and kept walking into the DX. "FINE! Don't ever talk to me again." You yelled as your voice cracked. You started walking back up the road. "(Y/n wait!" Soda yelled and caught up to you. "I told you never speak to me again, you clearly don't care about me anymore!" You snapped and turned to walk away but he grabbed you and pulled you into a kiss. "I've been so distant because I was waiting for the proper time to give you this." He held out a little box wrapped in a pink bow. You opened it to see a gold ring with a knot on it. "It's a promise ring. I promise to be your one and only and be your husband some day because I love you so much!" He kissed you again and you walk him back to work and stay there and chat with him while he worked on a car.

Dally: He never came home anymore after parties and you were convinced he was cheating. On a Saturday night he left you all alone to go to Buck's. You were done with not knowing, so you walked down to Buck's to see for yourself. You walked in and all eyes were on you. You looked around until you saw Dally standing against a wall, talking to a girl. You felt hot tears in your eyes as you approached. "(Y/n)?" Dally said in surprise. "Yep, and is this why you didn't want me to come with you? Because you're cheating on me?" Your voice cracked. "Are you kidding me right now? (Y/n), I don't want you here!" He yelled. You started crying and stormed out. Dally came chasing after you. "(Y/n)!" He yelled. You ignored him and he was eventually by your side. He scooped you up and threw you over his shoulder. "Put me down!" You yelled. He didn't listen and carried you to the lot. When he set you down you gave him the dirtiest look. "Why wouldn't you just tell me you weren't happy with me instead of leaving me every weekend to go to Buck's to see that broad." You cried and wiped your eyes. " Dally sighed and looked at you. "(Y/n), that girl is my cousin, and I don't want you at Buck's because it's too dangerous and too many guys that are drunk. I care about you and don't want nothin' to happen to ya." He smiled his cute smile. "Now I feel stupid!" You laughed and then hugged him and walked home, where you guys had your own party;) lol

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