Caring for him after a rumble

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Darry: you'd always sit him on the bed while you cleaned up everything and then cuddled him and rubbed his back until he fell asleep.

Steve: you would be really worried about all the bruises he'd get, but he'd reassure you that he was fine and then let you hold ice on his wounds while you cuddled and watched TV, and you always made a chocolate cake right before a rumble so he'd be happy after because he'd have a whole cake to eat.

Two-bit: you'd usually get a shower ready for him, then when he gets back, you'd put all his clothes in the wash and when he finished his shower, you'd put bandaids or something  like that on his scraped and bruises.

Johnny: you would always kiss him a lot, while you cleaned him up, you kiss every little thing that he said hurt, and then you'd get him to go to bed, where you'd talk to him until he fell alseep.

Ponyboy: you would always go into this crazy protective mode where your only focus was him and making him better again, anything he needed you'd do, the earth rotated around him in your eyes and you wanted him to be 100% better.

Sodapop: he never wanted you to see him really beat up, but you always forced him to let you help, you'd wipe away blood and stuff, then shower with him because that's what he always wanted to do after a rumble, he claimed it helped him get relaxed again.

Dally: you'd sit and listen to him tell you every little detail about the rumble as you clean and bandage all of his wounds, then give him small kisses and tell him he's a tough guy and it always makes him smile.

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