He has a nightmare about you

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Darry: you woke up to the sound of Darry moaning and moving around. You gently shook him and he jolted awake and looked at you. "Oh my god! (Y/n) you're ok!" He smiled and pulled you into a hug. "What happened?" You ask. "I had a dream that you got really sick and then...you died and I could t do anything about it! I thought I lost you beautiful!" He was almost in tears. You hugged him. "But I'm ok Darry,I'm not leaving." You calmed him down then cuddled and fell back to sleep.

Steve: you felt a lot of rustling and you sat up to see a restless Steve. He was sweating and he was drowning in his sleep. "Steve, Steve baby!" You say as you shake him. He looks up and chuckles. "Why are you laughing? You just looked like you were having a bad dream." You smile and he sits up. "It was just, I dreamt that you left me for some no good soc, and I got in a fight with him to try and get ya back." He laughed. You smiled and kissed him. "Why would I leave my sexy boyfriend for some dumb soc?" You laugh and then Steve rolls over an falls back to sleep.

Two-bit: you felt the blankets get pulled off you and you groaned. "Keith! Stop being a blanket hog you ass!" You looked at him and he was still sleeping but he was trembling. You sat up worried and shook him awake. "Keith, are you sick? You were trembling baby." You look at him and he shakes his head. "Nah baby, I just had a stupid dream." He sat up. "You died. There was no reason. You were just dead and it was terrible, I can't lose ya (y/n)!" He looked in your eyes and you almost cried. "Two-bit! Baby I'm ok! Let's cuddle and go back to sleep." You kissed him and did just that.

Johnny: you felt Johnny pull you into him and you turned to face him. He looked like he'd been crying. "What's wrong superman?" You looked at him and he frowned. "I had a dream that you had to move away and I never got to see ya again! (Y/n), I can't lose you! You're all I got and if I lose you then I'll have nothin'!" He looked at you and started gettin upset. "Shh, Johnny it's ok. I'm never gonna leave you. I love you so much babe!" You kissed his forehead and he sighed with relief. "I love you (y/n)." He whispered and you fell asleep in eachothers arms.

Ponyboy: you woke up to the sound of crying. You turned to Ponyboy and he quickly wiped away his tears. "Pony! What's wrong baby?" You were on his lap in seconds comforting him. "It's stupid really." He shrugged. You raised an eyebrow. "Really? Try me!" You giggled and he sighed. "I dreamt that you were kidnapped by some creepy Soc and I couldn't find you and I felt like I failed at protecting you and a good boyfriend like I wanna be for you." He was almost crying again. "Sunshine, it's ok, just a bad dream. You protect me good enough anyways." You winked and laid on him and you guys fell back to sleep.

Sodapop: "(y/n), no! Please baby I'm sorry! Stay with me! You can't leave! No! Please no!" You heard Sodapop talking in his sleep so you turned around to see a crying and sweating Sodapop. You kissed his cheek then gently shook him awake. He looked up and you and pulled you into the tightest hug he's ever given you. "Tell me everything." You held him and he was still crying. "I don't know why I even had a dream that terrible but... I walked into the bathroom and.. And you were laying there... You had.. Kil-killed yourself! I thought it was real and I couldn't handle it! I don't know what I'd do without you and I hate the fact that I had that dream because it scared me so bad! God (y/n), I'm sorry for overreacting. I just care about you so much and I wanna spend the rest of my life with you." He said and the tears kept falling. You wiped them away and smiled. "I'll be here for you as long as you're here for me. I won't leave, I need you. And I love you so so so much doll." You kissed his nose and wiped his tears away with your thumbs. Then cuddled him the rest of the night while talking to eachother about everything.
(Sorry about this one!!😁 it's terrible and sad I know but I couldn't think of anything!!")

Dally: you felt a lot of movement and then Dally rolled right into you. "Dallas!" You groaned then looked up because he was still sleeping. He was drenched in sweat and he looked pale. You immediately woke him up. "(Y/n), oh my god it was just a dream! Thank god!" He sighed in relief. "I thought you looked sick and had a fever, you were dreaming?" You looked at him and he nodded. "What about?" You smiled. "Well, I dreamt that we were at the Nightly-Double and you went to get snacks for us and then I heard you scream and when I came to save you, some no good socs were beating on you and for some reason, in the dream I couldn't move and it was so frustrating because they were hurting my baby girl and I couldn't save her!" He started getting mad and clenched his jaw. "Aww, my tuff guy always lookin' out for me, even in dreams!" You smiled and make him laugh. You guys then stay up all night cuddling and talking. Telling eachother about some childhood memories.

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