When you have a nightmare

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Darry: whenever you have a nightmare, Darry rolls over and pulls you into him and stays awake until you calm down, and kisses you before going back to sleep.

Steve: he'll wake you up and then get you a glass of water and cuddle up with you until you guys fall back to sleep.

Two-bit: he doesn't wake you up, but he pulls you on top of him and starts playing with your hair and whispering soothing things in your ear until you calm down.

Johnny: he'd gently wake you up and then comfort you and ask you questions about the dream and he'd tell you about his dream after and it always made you feel better.

Ponyboy: he would wake you up and then cuddle you while he read books or told you cute stories he made up (usually about you two;)) and it hoed you get comfortable again and go back to sleep.

Sodapop: first, he'd wrap his arms around you and then he'd gently wake you and then you two would lay there and cuddle and talk about the most random things to keep your mind off the bad dream.

Dally: he pulls you into him and that usually wakes you up and then he'll sit there and listen to you tell him about the dream you had and then tell you everything's ok and that it was hair a dream, then you guys cuddle or sometimes, even go for late night walks just randomly.

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