Your first date

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Darry: he took you to the park for a picnic and for a joke he brought a football, like the day guys met. But it was really romantic and you tossed the football around and then cuddled on the blanket while you ate.

Steve: he picked you up in his truck and drove to the lot, then he put a bunch of pillows and blankets in the flatbed and you guys laid there and stargazed while you talked about anything and everything.

Two-bit: you really likes antiques so he took you to an antique store where he bought you a beautiful diamond ring (he also asked you to be his girlfriend with the ring) and you found a cute little Mickey Mouse stuffed toy that you bought him.

Johnny: he wasn't really the romantic type, so he just took you to the Dingo for supper, but it was nice because you got alone time with him and you guys talked all night and then sat in the lot and talked some more while stargazing.

Ponyboy: he took you down by the river in the park to watch the sunset and then you guys made a bonfire and sat out there all night telling stories and cuddling.

Sodapop: he made Darry and Ponyboy leave the house and he cooked you supper and then you guys cuddled on the couch and watched a few movies;)

Dally: He took you to the Nightly-Double and you guys didn't even watch the movie, you just laughed and carried on, and stole a bunch of snacks and sat behind the building eating and talking all night.

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