Cute best friend moment (Sodapop)

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You were working the counter at the DX on a rainy day while Soda and Steve worked on some guys car in the garage. You were keeping company with yourself by reading a magazine when Steve came in. "I almost ripped my damn finger off!" He said holding his hand in a cloth. "Are you ok?" You asked panicked. "I'll be fine, just gonna go to the hospital incase it worse than it seems, I'll see y'all later!" He said as he walked outside and as Sodapop walked into the room.

Soda looked at you. "Well now what're we gonna do?" He said and jump over the counter to be with you. "I dunno, this place could use a cleanin' that's for sure." You suggested and Soda looked at you in disgust. "You're no fun y/n!" He said the smiled. "I got an idea, follow me!" He said and jumped back over the counter and into the garage.

Music was blasting and there were a few nice cars sitting around waiting to be worked on. "What's your idea exactly?" You asked as Soda opened the hood of one of the cars. "I was gonna teach you to fix a car, but all I wanna do is dance because this song is groovy!" He yelled and started dancing to some up tempo Beatles song that was overplayed. You just laughed and watched him run around the garage doing dumb dance moves and smiling at you.

"Come dance with me y/n!" He yelled and you walked over to him. The song ended as you walked right up to him. "Oh shoot next time it comes on!" He smiled and then Can't help falling in love came on and you could see a smirk creep up on his face. He grabbed your hand a pulled you outside in the pouring rain. "May I have this dance Madame?" He said in a "proper" voice. You just started giggling and wrapped your arms around the back of his neck in approval.

Soda slowly pulled you into him and placed his hands on the small of your back. He looked down at you then started singing "for I can't help, falling in love with you." He smiled and you smiled back. "I have a question?" "Yes Sodapop?" You stared into his eyes as you waited for the question. "Would it be weird if we just made out right now?" You bit your lip and smiled. "I dunno, why don't you find out?" You smirked and next thing you knew, Sodapop slammed his lips onto yours.

You guys stood there for about 20 seconds in the rain making out when you pulled away. "That was such a romance movie sorta thing to do!" You laughed and he pulled you back in. "But I kinda liked it! I'm gonna kiss you all the time now." Soda laughed and ran back into the garage with the biggest smile on his face.

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