His nickname for you

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Darry: bootiful (he just randomly said it one day and it stuck😂 probably because he likes your butt)

Steve: hottie (he thinks you're the most good looking thing he's ever laid eye on;))

Two-bit- sweet thang ( he thinks you're a genuine sweetie and you always smell good so it fit)

Johnny: honey cake ( because his nickname was Johnny cake, he just started with calling you honey and eventually added "cake")

Ponyboy: babe/baby (he thought you were the greatest thing in his life and he took amazing care if you and he just thought you were so cute, sweet and beautiful so babe was what he thought would be cute.)

Sodapop: Babygirl (soda loved you with every fibre of his being. His world revolved around you and you were his girl, his baby, his everything and he thought you were the greatest thing that's happened to him in a long time.)

Dally: gorgeous (The first thing Dally ever noticed about you was your stunning eyes, and he eventually fell in love with the rest of you like he fell in love with your gorgeous eyes. He thought you had a beautiful personality and he loved every single thing about you, flaw or not.)

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