What dating Dally would be like

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-going to Buck's parties

-dealing with drunk dally (he got alittle aggressive, but not with you)

-having to bail him out of jail (and him being really really happy to see you)

-Ponyboy and Johnny think you're good for Dally because you're like his rock

-Dally always makes sure you're happy

-lot and lots of sex

-Late night walks

-him bringing you flowers and stuff that he stole just for you

-him pretending to hate cuddling and acting all tough, but secretly he loved cuddling you

-him being super protective of you, yelling at or jumping any guy that looks at you funny

-him actually trusting you 100%

-you being the only thing that can make him open up

-you tell eachother everything

-despite what everyone says, and his bad rep, you guys actually have a really good, healthy relationship

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