You tell him you love him but he doesn't feel the same

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Darry: "hey Dar, can we talk real quick?" You ask nervously and he smiles and takes you into his bedroom. "What's up (y/n)?" You don't even hesitate. "I love you! Ok, I've loved you for awhile and I just feel like you needed to know," you say and looked up at him, his face hard and stern. "No, I can't deal with this, I can't love someone else I'm too scared! I'm do sorry (y/n)." He said quietly and walked out, leaving you in shock.

Steve: you were working with him the same day at the DX and thought it'd be the perfect time to tell him how you feel. "Steve, have you ever had this crazy feeling for someone that you can't shake and you just are crazy about em'?" You smiled and he nodded. "I have that feeling about a certain someone." He smiled and looked at you. "Well here's the thing, I've had that feeling for you, for a long time, I love you." You waited and when you looked at him he looked shocked. "I'm sorry (y/n), you're my best friend besides Soda, and I'm in love with Evie, I hope you'll forgive me?" He asked hopefully and you nodded and faked a smile, later hiding in the bathroom and bawling your eyes out.

Two-bit: you guys got drunk together and you were thinking all night about how you gotta tell him how you feel. "Ya Know Keith, you need a good girl who will make sure you're taken care of and one that'll never hurt or leave you." You slurred your words. He nodded. "I agree, and I've got just the girl in mind!" He smiled. "Really? Awe Two, I love you!" You smiled and he gave you a weird look. "No, (y/n), I meant Kathy. Jeez I could never love you like that, I love ya, just like a sister. I'm sorry." He said and you just got up and walked home, crying the whole way.

Johnny: you were crying in the lot over Curly Shepard. He was such a heartbreaker and you hated it. "Hey." Johnny said quietly and sat next to you. "You okay?" He asked and wrapped and arm around you comfortingly. "No, I just need someone to love me back, I mean the person I love doesn't even know." You cried. "Oh, so tell them." He said. "Fine, Johnny, I love you, like a lot!" You looked at him and his face dropped. "Oh, jeez uh I love you too, but like as a friend. Shoot (y/n), I'm sorry." He felt bad but left you to go to the Curtis', leaving you to cry.

Ponyboy: You had a writing assignment in English where you had to write about someone you loved with reasons why. It was perfect because you were trying to find a way to tell Ponyboy for awhile. You managed to finish your letter before class ended so at lunch you put it in his locker and then he came up to you. "Listen (y/n), I think you're amazing and you're such a great friend, but I don't feel the same, I'm real sorry." He said and walked away while you walked through a crowd of people in tears.

Sodapop: you guys were hanging out and you could feel your heart pouring out of your chest, Soda was the only thing that cared about you and that you cared about so you wanted to tell him. "Hey Pepsi-cola!" You yelled even though he was on the other end of the couch. "What's up buttercup?" He winked. "I gotta tell you something." You giggled and moved closer. "So, what if I said that I'm in love with you?" You smiled. "Uh, I'm kinda seeing someone else." He said and then there was awkward silence until you decided to leave before he could see you cry.

Dally: you didn't even know why but you stupidly fell in love with him, he was just a friend, and now your one night stand. "Hey Dal, um I gotta say something to you." You said. "Ok." He said as he tightened his grip around your hips as you cuddled. "I think I'm in love with you." You said so quietly. Next thing you knew, you were on the floor because he pushed you off him. "No way! Leave! I can't fucking do this! Get outta here you slut!" He said angrily and you started crying and stormed out of Bucks.
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