The gang modern headcanons

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- Steve and Soda would lowkey be Beliebers

- Pony would be really into John Green, like paper towns and the fault in our stars would be his all time fave thing, like I'm talking he runs fan accounts for them.

- Pony making the gang watch The Fault In Our Stars, and all the guys crying because it's hella sad

- Darry was one of those babes that goes to the gym every morning and drinks all the smoothies and stuff to stay healthy

- Two-Bit would be so into TLC shows like The Little Couple, Cake Boss, My 600 Pound life and he'd stay up late and watch them all and cancel plans with the gang just to have time to watch them

- Steve's internet history...

- Johnny would be one of those cute tumblr boys that takes cute pictures and posts quotes and stuff

- Dally was a slut on snapchat

- Darry's Instagram would be filled with videos of him working out

- Steve is in love with Beyoncé and can sing any of her songs because he's literally obsessed ( imagine him and Soda screaming Drunk In Love at the top of their lungs)

- The guys took a trip around America and went to the cake boss's bakery because Steve wanted to go because he watches Cake Boss and loves Cake

- they also went to Disney and Two-Bit couldn't contain himself and Ponyboy took pictures of him with all the Mickey Mouse characters

- Soda was one of those Vine famous guys

- everyone in the gang, except Darry had an iPhone... Darry claimed Samsung was better.

- Johnny and Ponyboy getting really emotional and singing "bring me to life" by evanescence

- Dally is obsessed with girls who wear leggings

- Soda would have his own car... And it'd be a white Mini Cooper because he said its manly, but the guys make fun of him and say it's a chick's car

- Ponyboy has a booty so he always wears sweatpants

- Two-Bit would probably vape tbh

- Darry likes watching Ellen everyday

- A lot of girls would have secret crushes on Johnny because he's a damn cutie

- The whole gang always uses modern lingo like "lowkey, Ratchet, fuckboy, bae..etc." and Darry yells at them because he doesn't understand

- Two-Bit works at StarBucks

- Johnny's bedroom is so tumblr it hurts

- Darry got all the guys matching onesies for Christmas and forced them to put them on for a family photo...Dally put up quite the fight but eventually he just gave up

- The gang going to a local trampoline park that opened up... Just imagine how they'd act 😂

- the gang helping the Curtis brothers renovate their house to be more modern... And all the spilled paint, Broken skin due to nails, and all the laughing and stuff... Lol awe
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