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tulsa love // a sodapop curtis love story by msernst
tulsa love // a sodapop curtis parasite
Alice Kramer is a 15 year old girl who finds herself lost in Tulsa, Oklahoma when she is kidnapped in her home state of Alabama. She meets someone that gets her a job at...
  • ponyboy
  • twobit
  • dallaswinston
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Chain On My Heart by fan4forever
Chain On My Heartby The Outsiders
Lai is a teenage Soc who has been taught that Greasers are no good delinquents to society. She believes that Greasers are menaces and deserve everything they get. Who wi...
  • curtis
  • darry
  • johnny
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The Only Girl in The Gang- The Outsiders Curtis Sister by water_readerr
The Only Girl in The Gang- The Elizabeth_16401
Kenzie was only a little girl when her parents died. She never got to meet them. This blonde haired blue eyed little girls life was flipped upside down when she starting...
  • thegang
  • onlygirlinthegang
  • theoutsiders
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The Smallest Curtis || The Outsiders FF by -goldenpromises
The Smallest Curtis || The Alexus
Sophia Curtis is the seven-year-old sister of the Curtis boys. She witnessed something that could scar her for life. How will the boys help her? How can she help herself?
  • curtisbrothers
  • family
  • curtis
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Idiot/ Stevepop by YaBoiDally
Idiot/ Stevepopby Peachy💞
"What?! no I don't like Soda! That's gay!" I lied as images of Soda flooded into my head.
  • curtisbrothers
  • sodacurtis
  • stevepop
Staying Gold Forever ~Ponyboy Fanfic~ by JackilovesPony
Staying Gold Forever ~Ponyboy ~Jackie Curtis~
• "Sometimes you just have to run away from your problems, it's the only way to fix them" • Ponyboy is sixteen, it's been two years after Johnny and Dally's de...
  • outsiders
  • life
  • 80s
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The outsiders preferences and stuff😜 by JaedenDylan
The outsiders preferences and Barnes_Obsessed
The title?? I don't own any characters of The Outsiders. 5 in theoutsiders
  • theoutsiders
  • love
  • curtisbrothers
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The Outsiders: And the girl from the future by Pony_babe
The Outsiders: And the girl from The Outsiders
Amber Peterson is a fifteen year old girl living in probably the most boring life ever. When one day, after wishing for a better life, she is transported back to the mid...
  • dallas
  • ponyboy
  • hinton
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With All My Heart || Sodapop Curtis x Reader by aexsthetic_trash
With All My Heart || Sodapop traxsh_
Like you're stuck underwater, slowly drowning. While everyone else around you is breathing. That my dearest Y/n, is what depression is like. •MATURE CONTENT• Language Se...
  • twobitmatthews
  • twobit
  • steve
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Dally's Gal  by illicitable
Dally's Gal by BRUIN
Dallas Winston didn't care about much. He started fights and drank till he dropped. Up holding his reputation, he held his head up high and proud. Then Brielle found him...
  • greaser
  • curtisbrothers
  • hate
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the outsiders smut (One Shots)  by Johnny_dally
the outsiders smut (One Shots) by johnny_winston
This is some of the outsiders × reader and some of the outsiders × outsiders
  • darry
  • curtisbrothers
  • sodapop
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Midnight Cigarettes ; The Outsiders fanfic  by irwinxconor
Midnight Cigarettes ; The Multi fandom
He pulled out a cigarette, lighting it. "Sodapop Curtis, but you can call me Soda" he answered. "Sodapop?" I chuckled. He grinned "I know, I kno...
  • ponyboycurtis
  • curtis
  • curtisbrothers
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The Outsiders Preferences by athena63005
The Outsiders Preferencesby athena63005
Some preferences on my favorite bois *Know that none of the pictures or videos are mine. I give full credit to the creators of everything I use in this book
  • twobitmatthews
  • sodapop
  • dallaswinston
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My greaser boyfriend | Johnny Cade x Reader by funfanficc22
My greaser boyfriend | Johnny funfanficc22
*WARNING! WILL CONTAIN SMUT!!!* Don't worry, this won't end how Johnny's life did. ;(
  • sóc
  • johnnycade
  • theoutsiders
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Sky Walker|Sodapop Curtis by yellowsdaffodils
Sky Walker|Sodapop Curtisby yellowsdaffodils
Kathryn William, most commonly known as Katy, doesn't lead the typical Soc life. In fact, her life as a Soc is the complete opposite. Her and her Greaser best friend, Ad...
  • completed
  • cherryvalance
  • sandy
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The Outsiders: A New Place by j_cade
The Outsiders: A New Placeby the outsiders
Ash Sanders, a just-turned fourteen year old lives a few towns out from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her father left her and her mother when she was very young, and ever since then...
  • sodacurtis
  • twobit
  • ralphmacchio
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Outsiders Imagines And Preferances  by Darling_Phantom
Outsiders Imagines And Preferances by T.C. Mathews
What the title says. Requests are CLOSED, might be a short book depending on how this goes. Disclaimer: I do not own the outsiders, all rights go to S.E Hinton. Only th...
  • pony
  • preferances
  • winston
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The Outsiders x Reader by RandomSignless101
The Outsiders x Readerby *Green Tea*
LEt mE make onE thing clear hErE, I do NOT own the charactErs from The Outsiders, they belong to S. E. Hinton, NOT ME! I only own my writings that I madE for this. And t...
  • johnny
  • darry
  • sodapop
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The Outsiders: Before My Time Sequel [COMPLETED] by fan4forever
The Outsiders: Before My Time The Outsiders
SEQUEL TO "THE OUTSIDERS: BEFORE MY TIME" Bri is finally back home in 2017, and she couldn't be happier. But, she misses the boys a lot. Little does she know...
  • love
  • darry
  • steverandle
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The Outsiders: Before My Time [COMPLETED] by fan4forever
The Outsiders: Before My Time [ The Outsiders
Brianna is a teenager from Tulsa Oklahome in 2017. Her best friend is dreaming of cracking time travel. When one day it actually works, and Bri runs into none other than...
  • johnny
  • twobitmatthews
  • love
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