The Only Girl in The Gang- The Outsiders Curtis Sister by OutsidersLover16
The Only Girl in The Gang- The OutsidersLover16
Kenzie was only a little girl when her parents died. She never got to meet them. This blonde haired blue eyed little girls life was flipped upside down when she starting...
  • thegang
  • kenziecurtis
  • onlygirlinthegang
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The Curtis Sister by FanficMayham
The Curtis Sisterby FanficMayham
Courtney Ann Curtis is the Curtis sister. She is Sodapop's twin. Read to see what her crazy life entails.
  • darry
  • curtis
  • ponyboy
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With All My Heart || Sodapop Curtis x Reader by aexsthetic_trash
With All My Heart || Sodapop traxsh_
Like you're stuck underwater, slowly drowning. While everyone else around you is breathing. That my dearest Y/n, is what depression is like. •MATURE CONTENT• Language Se...
  • steve
  • greasers
  • johnnycade
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The outsiders preferences and stuff😜 by JaedenDylan
The outsiders preferences and CurtisCade
The title?? I don't own any characters of The Outsiders. 5 in theoutsiders
  • ponyboydarrysodapopstevedallyjohnny
  • theoutsiders
  • curtisbrothers
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Petrichor /Jally by YaBoiDally
Petrichor /Jallyby Peachy💞
Of course it had to be Dally. Of course Johnny had to fall for him and of course Dally had to fall for Johnny. That's just how fate sought it out to be, but when there i...
  • darry
  • jally
  • johnny
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Dally's Gal  by illicitable
Dally's Gal by BRUIN
Dallas Winston didn't care about much. He started fights and drank till he dropped. Up holding his reputation, he held his head up high and proud. Then Brielle found him...
  • curtisbrothers
  • greaser
  • dallaswinston
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ROAD RAGE. by allursive
  • curtisbrothers
  • darrycurtis
  • twobitmatthews
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insolent (the outsiders) by vintagephemeral
insolent (the outsiders)by Margot.
❝Wanna go to the movies tonight Kit?❞ ❝Uh no Cheryl, those insolent greasers will be there.❞ (this is based on the book however the cast is the same as the movie)
  • vintage
  • twobitmatthews
  • ponyboy
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Midnight Cigarettes ; a The Outsiders fanfic  by michaelsraps
Midnight Cigarettes ; a The Michaelsraps
He pulled out a cigarette, lighting it. "Sodapop Curtis, but you can call me Soda" he answered. "Sodapop?" I chuckled. He grinned "I know, I kno...
  • sixties
  • soda
  • steve
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Outsiders Imagines And Preferances  by Darling_Phantom
Outsiders Imagines And Preferances by T.C. Mathews
What the title says. Requests are CLOSED, might be a short book depending on how this goes. Disclaimer: I do not own the outsiders, all rights go to S.E Hinton. Only th...
  • sodapop
  • pony
  • steve
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tulsa love // a sodapop curtis love story by msernst
tulsa love // a sodapop curtis parasite
Alice Kramer is a 15 year old girl who finds herself lost in Tulsa, Oklahoma when she is kidnapped in her home state of Alabama. She meets someone that gets her a job at...
  • dallaswinston
  • theoutsiders
  • sodapopcurtis
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Tough Love by mostlymulti
Tough Loveby mostlymulti
When a member of the gang secretly has a sister,things get a little out of hand,she falls for Johnny and her brother feels the need to stop it
  • completed
  • ponyboydarrysodapopstevedallyjohnny
  • daniellarusso
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Nephilim & Greasers || The Outsiders & Supernatural by Dancing_Beagle
Nephilim & Greasers || The Dancing_Beagle
I made this story a while ago and it's still not finish but I hope you all enjoy it until it's finish. I don't own any characters except Cassie. (Updating old chapters) ...
  • ponyboydarrysodapopstevedallyjohnny
  • greasers
  • destiel
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Because I Want Her (The Outsiders) by Official_outsiders
Because I Want Her (The Outsiders)by Maddy Winston
Dallas Winston has eyes for Shaila Curtis. When they met at age ten he immediately befriended her and in those seven years, they've practically spent every weekend toget...
  • winston
  • ponyboy
  • greaser
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Love Yeah Right ( Dallas Winston Fanfic) by mazerunnergirlclove
Love Yeah Right ( Dallas Winston ❤️Clove❤️
Tiffany Brumly is the younger sister of Ben Brumly who is the leader of The Brumly Boys with only one exception. Tiffany has the choice to become part of The Brumly Boy...
  • dallaswinston
  • curtisbrothers
  • fanfiction
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The Outsiders: Before My Time Sequel [COMPLETED] by fan4forever
The Outsiders: Before My Time The Outsiders
SEQUEL TO "THE OUTSIDERS: BEFORE MY TIME" Bri is finally back home in 2017, and she couldn't be happier. But, she misses the boys a lot. Little does she know...
  • ponyboy
  • sequel
  • ponyboydarrysodapopstevedallyjohnny
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It started with a kiss | Dally x reader by aexsthetic_trash
It started with a kiss | Dally x traxsh_
Lets just cut to the chase there's love, lust, heartbreak and loss. Will you and Dally be able to keep it together or will everything come crashing down?
  • twobit
  • sodapopcurtis
  • sodapop
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Old Times Supressed <The Outsiders> by JackilovesPony
Old Times Supressed by Jackie Curtis
Ponyboy misses what him and his oldest brother, Darry, were like when they were younger before their parents died and Darry took custody of Ponyboy and Sodapop, Ponyboy'...
  • tulsa
  • friends
  • curtisbrothers
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The Outsiders: Imagines, Headcannons, Preferences, Updates, and more  by fan4forever
The Outsiders: Imagines, The Outsiders
REQUESTS ARE OPEN! ❤️💛❤️ Just a book for imagines, headcannons, preferences, authors notes, rants, my life, thoughts, announcements of updates and other announcements...
  • ponyboycurtis
  • ponyboydarrysodapopstevedallyjohnny
  • imagines
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The Outsiders: Hit Me With Your Best Shot [COMPLETED] by fan4forever
The Outsiders: Hit Me With Your The Outsiders
Raven Harris is a 18 year old retired hitman (hitwoman) from Russia, living in Boise, Idaho in 1965, hired by the Socs to murder Dallas Winston. She decided to come out...
  • ponyboydarrysodapopstevedallyjohnny
  • theoutsiders
  • steverandle
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