He tells you he loves you for the first time

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Darry: you guys went out for a picnic in the park with all the guys, just for a fun day... All the guys were tossing around a football and you decided to join in. Darry had the ball and you ran up behind him and tackled him to the ground, where you guys started laughing and Darry stopped. "God I love you (y/n)!" He giggled and then pulled you into his chest and kissed your face. The other guys just stopped and started yelling funny names at Darry.

Steve: You were at the DX on Steve's break, just there to bother him and keep him company while Soda was working. He was cleansing a car when you got there. You grabbed a bucket that he had full of soapy water and you dumped it on him. He turned around and picked you up. "Hey! You're lucky I love you (y/n)!" He said and you stopped. "I love you too Steve." You smiled and then kissed, and he ruined the moment by spraying you with a hose.

Two-bit: Two-bit and you were just on a drive when his car broke down... Again. You both got out and managed to push it up to the DX. While sitting around for it to be "fixed", Two-bit looked really figgity and stuff like he had something on his mind. "What's up doll?" You hold his hand. "My damn car always breaks down on our date night! I just want every night to be perfect because I love you and you deserve to be treated right." He said but you stopped listening once he said "I love you." He realized you weren't listening and look at you. "(Y/n)? Hello? Earth to (y/n)?" He poked you. "Oh sorry! It's just... You said you loved me!" You smiled and his faced turned bright red. "Awe shoot! I've been wantin' to tell you for a while, but I was waitin' for the right time... I guess I found it!" He laughed and then pulled you into him and kissed the top of your head.

Johnny: His dad had hit him, this time it was one of the really bad times... Johnny ran down to your house and you snuck him into your bedroom and cleaned up his bloody lip and then laid down in bed with him, his arms wrapped around you. "I love you so much (y/n), for everything, you always worry bout me so much and it's hair real nice to have you around." He said and kissed your nose. "I love you too Johnny." You say back and then fall asleep together.

Ponyboy: y'all were studying for a test in the backyard of Pony's house, but you weren't really focused on the books and things, you were laying on your back, watching the clouds and making shapes out of them. "(Y/n), question 7, the answer is 692, isn't it?" Ponyboy looked down at you and sighed. He out the work down then laid beside you, intertwining your fingers. "I love how you like watchin' clouds the way I dig watchin' sunrises and sunsets... I just love everything bout you (y/n). I love you." He said and blushes slightly. Your heart fluttered and you leaned over and kissed him softly then looked back up at the sky. There was a cloud in the shape of a heart and you and Ponyboy laughed about for awhile.

Sodapop: surprisingly, you two had the house you yourselves... There was something at the school that Darry needed to go to for Ponyboy so you and Sodapop were all alone. You were laying on the couch and he was sitting in a chair. "(Y/n)! I'm bored!" He whined. "Do somethin'." You say. He says nothing, until he's right in front of you, grabbing you and throwing you over his shoulder and into his bedroom. You were laughing so hard and he set you on the bed then climbed on and pinned you down. Then you guys started play fighting. He managed to pin you again and you guys just stared into eachothers eyes. "You're gorgeous, I'm so glad you're mine, I love you (y/n)." He whispered and kissed you. Then you guys laid in bed and talked until Darry and Ponyboy got back.

Dallas: it was 3am and Dally finally came stumbling into the house. You didn't act mad because at least he came home. He just waved to you and then went into the bedroom. You get up and follow him. He's laying on the bed, holding his head. "Dal, do you need some aspirin and a glass of water?" You say in a soft voice and he nods slightly. You get what you need and give it to him. He smiles then you get a shower ready for him. While you're doing that, you feel hands wrap around your waist. "Have I ever told you how much I love you, (y/n)?" Dally whispered and you smiled slightly, convinced it was the alcohol he'd drank. "I love you too!" You smiled. "Good! I was scared you wouldn't!" He laughed. You smile and kiss his cheek... Then shower with him.

A/N: I didn't know how to end Dallys lol

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