What your parents think of him

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Darry: your mom loved him, she was friends with his mom so she's always known Darry and when you told her you guys were dating she instantly approved because she thinks he's a strong guy who will care for you, your dad felt the same, going to school with Mr. Curtis, he really liked Darry and actually wanted you guys to get married eventually, your parents liked him so much that they helped pay his bills so he could keep Pony and Soda.

Steve: Your parents were glad he made you happy, but they thought he was an immature slob and that you could do better. Your mom always was nice to him whenever he came over because he was the sweetest to her. It took a really long time for your dad to accept Steve, but he eventually liked him and started welcoming him into your family.

Two-bit: Your dad thought he was a no good hood. He didn't approve of you being with someone who drank all the time and got in fights. Your mom liked him, she thought he was sweet and good for you, she had to do some persuading to convince your dad that Two was that bad.

Johnny: Before you started dating, your dad always talked about Johnny's dad and how much he hated him, and when he found out you were dating his son, he go scared because he thought maybe Johnny was just like his dad, until he met him, your parents both fell in love with him and your mom always made sure the back door was unlocked so if Johnny ever needed a place to stay he could get in.

Ponyboy: Your mom adored him, she thought he was a really good guy for you and the fact that he was really smart made it all the better, your dad liked him too, once he got to know him, at first he assumed Pony was just some no good kid, he grew to love Ponyboy and was glad he made you so happy.

Sodapop: Both of your parents absolutely loved him. He would always bring your mom flowers when he came over and him and your dad would make jokes and be laughing. Your dad really liked Soda because he had promised your dad that he'd take care of you and never hurt you because you don't deserve that and your dad just automatically liked him, your mom thought he was a sweetie and an amazing guy.

Dally: surprisingly, your parents liked him. The first time they met him was right after you had been jumped and Dally saved you, making your dad think he was protective. They were worried about his whole criminal thing but they looked past that seeing how in love you were with him and they accepted him.

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