How you meet ❤️

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Darry: you were walking through the park all by yourself, just enjoying the nice weather when all of a sudden you were hit in the back with a football. You yelled out in pain because it came at full force. You heard someone running towards you and you turned around. This really buff, not too bad lookin' guy ran up to you. "Did I hit you? I'm so sorry!" He looked you up and down. "Don't worry bout' it, I'm (y/n) by the way!" You smiled. "Darry Curtis!" He shook your hand then joined you for the rest of your walk, while you got to know eachother and eventually started hangin around more.

Steve: "dammit!" You hit your steering wheel in anger and got out. Your cars engine finally went. "Let's find a service station so they can fix it?" Your best friend (y/f/n) suggested. You nodded and started pushing it up the road hoping to make it to the nearest service station. After almost and hour and a half of pushing, you guys finally saw a sign that said DX in the distance. You kept pushing and finally rolled it into the yard and this guy walked up to you. He caught your attention right away. He was pretty nice looking. "Did your car break down?" He looked at you and you nodded. "I can fix that, hey I'm Steve Randle!" He smiled and started looking at your car while you guys made small talk. By the time he was finished you had caught feelings and he asked or your number, and you gladly gave it to him, getting a call later that night.

Two-bit: the Nightly-Double was one of your favorite places to be, you loved all the excitement that happened there, you didn't bother watching movies, you just went for kicks. One night you were there all by yourself just causing trouble. Making fun of some Socs with stupid looking shirts one when some cute guy in a Mickey Mouse shirt came over and joined in. "Look, they look like they're hidin' a parachute in their clothes!" He laughed and nudged you. You chuckled at his poor attempt at a joke. You know you've seen him around town before but you didn't know his name. "Hey, I'm (y/n)." You smiled. "Two-bit Mathews!" He winked and then you two sat down in some seats outside and made fun of everyone that walked by.

Johnny: you were coming home from the Dingo after eating out with a few friends and you decided to walk over to the lot because you wanted to look at the stars. When you got there, a guy, who looked like a sad little puppy was sitting on the ground next to a fire. He was kinda adorable and he looked terrified. You walk over to him. "Hey there, are you ok?" You smiled and sat down. He shook his head and turned, revealing a black eye and a cut on his forehead. "Who did that you you?" You asked. "My old man." He shrugged. "What's your name?" You smile. "Johnny Cade." He said bluntly. "Johnny. I'm (y/n), and why don't you come on over to my place so I can clean up that cut." He smiled and stood up, making conversation as you got to your house.

Ponyboy: you had been accused of doing something to one of the lockers at your highschool and it really wasn't you. So you had detention after school for an hour. There was only one other person there. Some really cute guy. "Alright, you're here for an hour, be productive." The principal said as he giggled and walked out. "Whatcha do?" The guy kinda smirked. "Apparently I spray painted some words on a locker." I laughed. "What about you?" I smiled. "Didn't pass in half my assignments for the month." He shrugged and we laughed. "My names Ponyboy!" He smiled. "(Y/n)!" You smiled back and got to know eachother more, eventually earning eachother phone numbers.

Sodapop: you were driving home from school and needed gas. You stopped at the DX station and filled up. When you went inside the guy working the counter looked up and you two couldn't break eye contact. "Um, $15.00 on pump 2!" You smile and break the stare. The guy must be the dreamy one Sodapop every girl talks about, he was a doll. "You're Sodapop Curtis right?" You smiled and he nodded. "That's me! The highschool dropout!" He chuckled. "I'm (y/n), and jeez do the girls ever talk about you at school." You laughed. "Ah, none of em' are worth my time, all stuck up and what not, you seem different though!" He smiled catching you off guard. "Wanna grab a Coke at the Dingo?" He smiled and you accepted, getting to know eachother while you sipped away at your Cokes.

Dally: It was real late at night and you were walking home from the Nightly-Double. You were fine until the sound of a car coming up behind you made you stop right in your tracks. You looked behind you to see 6 guy Socs get out of a black corvair. "Hey babe, looks like you need a place to go, you can come with us and have some fun." One of them smirked and then winked. "How do you look without all them clothes on?" Another one laughed. "Leave me alone!" You said sternly. "C'mon babe!" The first guy said and they all came towards you. "Don't touch me!" You almost yelled as one of them pinned you to the wall and held a blade to your neck. "LET ME GO!" You yelled louder. One of the guys hit you in the face and you felt yourself get dizzy. You fell to the ground and then hear yelling and then a car door slam and it drive away. Someone put their hands on you. "Don't touch me!" You said angrily. "It's ok, I'm not gonna hurt ya!" A voice said and you looked up. It was the "Hood" of the north side, Dallas Winston. "Oh I'm sorry." You smiled weakly and then laid your head back on the sidewalk because you were still dizzy. "Here, let me take you somewhere you can rest your head." He smiled and picked you up. He took you into a car and then drove somewhere. He carried you inside someplace loud then up some stairs and finally on a bed. "There, you should be ok." He smiled. "I'm Dally." He added. "(Y/n), and thanks." You smiled. Dally laid next to you and you guys talked all night about any random topic, he even asked for your phone number;)

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