Something funny

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Darry: Darry and you were just laying in bed one morning when you heard this sound hit the bedroom window. You opened the curtain and there was this poor little bird, literally stuck to the window. Darry instantly started laughing. "Darrel Shayne Curtis!" You slapped his stomach. "What? Look how stupid it looks!" He laughed. You shook your head and just stared at the poor little thing. It was pretty funny, you smiled. "You think it's funny don't you?" Darry looked at you and you burst out laughing. "It's hilarious!" You laughed and Darry started laughing again. You guys lagged for a good 10 minutes and then Darry went outside to see if it was ok, and it was. The gang liked the story about it later that night.

Steve: you two were at a rodeo and one Socy girl was doing barrel racing. You recognized the girl from school and she wasn't the nicest person to you. You kept watching as she perfectly went around barrels, until something spooked her horse and it bucked and she went flying onto the ground. You burst into a fit of laughter and so did Steve. "Did you see the way she fell?" Steve asked through giggles. You nose and wiped away the tears you had in your eyes from laughing so hard. What made the whole thing even funnier is that you and Steve were the only ones who laughed at her and then people started getting mad so you guys left, laughing the whole way home.

Two-bit: you guys were walking around town when a guy checked you out. Two-bit walked up to the guy and started talking to him, basically telling him off. Well the guy jumped at Two-bit, but Two-bit was too fast. He grabbed the guy by the pants and tried to lift him, then all of a sudden there was the sound of something ripping and then Two-bit burst into laughter. The guy had tried to stand up and he tore his pants. Also he was wearing underwear that had flowers on it, so Two kept making fun of him and you couldn't stop laughing.

Johnny: He was over at your place and you guys were all alone, you put on some music and started dancing. Johnny was just sitting on the couch watching you dance. You started acting stupid and you stepped a certain way and fell flat on you face. "Oh my god (y/n)! Are you ok baby!" Johnny stood up and you burst out laughing. "I'm fine!" You laid on the floor and died laughing, Johnny started laughing too, once he knew you were ok.

Ponyboy: you guys were at the movie house, and you wanted to sit way in the back so Ponyboy agreed and you climbed up the stairs with your popcorn. But right before you reached the top, your shoelace came untied and it sent you, and your popcorn flying and you fell and then popcorn went everywhere. You stood up and started laughing. "You're so clumsy (y/n)!" Ponyboy laughed. You just looked at him and started laughing even harder at the disaster you just caused.

Sodapop: You were at the DX visiting Soda and this girl came in and started flirting with Sodapop. You say there, chewing gum, pretending not to be there. Soda looked at you and you winked. "Excuse me, who are you?" You look at the girl. "What's it to you, greaser?" The girl snapped. "Oh it's just because I was wondering if you were a doctor." You say and she looks at you really confused. You stand up and pretend to sneeze in her face, sorting you gum at her and everything. She runs out in disgust and Sodapop starts laughing. "Very impressive, that's why I love you (y/n)." He smiled and kissed you between laughs.

Dally: you guys were at Buck's, he was having a party and you guys went to hangout and get drunk. Dally had left to get a drink, leaving you alone. This random guy came up to you and started grinding on you. "Excuse me!" Dally said and he scooted in and started grinding on you too. Then he moved so he was grinding on the guy. You burst out laughing at the guys reaction, he got free and ran off. "That outta teach em'." Dally smirked. You were laying on the ground laughing your ass off at what your boyfriend just did. He sat down beside you. "It was pretty funny, huh?" He giggled and then laughed harder once you tired to talk but couldn't because you were still laughing.

A/N: this was so hard for me to think of stuff... Sorry they aren't funny at all :( they're terrible!

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