Two greasers falling hard

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A/N: hey! So for this one I'm gonna do (y/g) which is gonna stand for "your greaser"
and (y/o/g) for "your other greaser" so you choose two greaser that you want for this preference.

You were hanging around town with the gang, (y/g) and (y/o/g) wouldn't leave you alone and you didn't know why. The other guys in the gang kept telling you that they liked you and now you were starting to believe it. Whenever you went to do something, the two guys would both go out of their way to help you.

You were attracted to them both, but you didn't know if you wanted to be in a relationship. The gang decided to go to the Nightly Double, your two lovers as you say both sat on opposite sides of you, then started fighting over you, drawing major attention from everyone. "Guys! Be quiet ok!" You said and they ignore you and kept fighting.

You looked at the other guys then stood up. "(Y/g) and (y/o/g) I know you both like me, but if this is how you're gonna act, I'm not putting up with it. Goodbye!" You snapped then got up and left, leaving the two guys in shock.

A/N: that was really rushed and bad I'm sorry! I'm leaving on Thursday for a trip for my birthday so this is gonna be my last post until probably Sunday or Monday, I'll be back though!!

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