His opinon of you

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Darry: She's amazing! Everything I need in life. She keeps me happy and helps me around the house when I'm workin' and we get along great and she's super gorgeous! Not just her looks but her whole personality and I love her so much! I could go on for years about how incredible she is!

Steve: (y/n) is my happiness, the thing I look forward to seeing when I get home from work. She's always so cheerful and she knows just how to make me smile... She's just the greatest  girl and I love her so much!

Two-bit: She's the love of my life! She keeps me in line and she can take my humor and come back with something just as good, which is super attractive. Her personality is something that makes her even more beautiful and I'm so thankful that little broad is my lil' Minnie Mouse!

Johnny: My shoulder to cry on, my rock, my everything. Without her, I'd be a worse mess than I already am. He smile and sweet voice makes me melt with pride and love. She's got the most beautiful soul I've ever seen and she's there for me through everything, I'd be lost without her. She's my hero.

Ponyboy: My beautiful (y/n), she's everything I've ever needed in life. She's helped me through a lot and I'm so grateful for every part of her. She makes me smile uncontrollably, even if I'm just reading a letter or talking on the phone with her. I get lost in her eyes and she overall makes me the happiest kid on the planet.

Sodapop: (y/n) is such an amazing person! I love her so much and I love showing my affection for her because it makes her smile like crazy and her smile makes me weak at the knees. She has the wisest and most beautiful soul and she's my happy place, I can tell her anything and she always has that answers!

Dally: even though I don't show it much, I love her with every ounce of my being. She's such a free spirit yet she's keeps me grounded. She's always there for s shoulder to cry on and she likes to have fun, I love when we can just relax together and be with eachother. She can be such a dumbass but I really do love her a lot, she's beautiful and if anyone tries to hurt her... I'll kill em'! No one touches my baby.

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