How he cuddles you

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Darry: he always has both arms wrapped tightly around you, making you feel safe, while kissing your face and neck, and whispering sweet things in you ear.

Steve: he loves to bury his face in your neck and breath in your scent and feel your heartbeat. Simple but it means so much.

Two-bit: he lives for holding you protectively. He always had his arms around you, resting on your lower back, while you lay on his chest and you two talk and give eachother kisses a lot.

Johnny: he likes laying down and having you put your legs on his ehe refugees your head on his shoulder and holding hands. He likes it because he can still look at your beautiful face when you guy talk.

Ponyboy: he loves your hair, so he always lays on his back while you rest your head on his chest and he plays with your hair while you guys talk.

Sodapop: he's a super cuddly guy, he doesn't care how you guys are, as long as he's got his hands on you and gets to be around you. But his favorite way to cuddle is kinda in the spooning position, because he can whisper in your ear and smell your hair and have an arm around you.

Dally: he pretend to hate being all mushy and stuff, but he loved cuddling with you. You could tell because he always kissed you and got really touchy. He just liked holding you, it didn't matter how.

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