How he comforts you when you're sad

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Darry: he can instantly tell when something's wrong, so he pulls you into a hug and holds you. Not expecting you to tell him what's wrong, he just wants you to feel better.

Steve: he always talks to you while holding you, just to take your mind off of whatever made you sad.

Two-bit: he tells you jokes that you can't help but laugh at because he makes you laugh so much that you don't even remember why you were sad.

Johnny: he gets so worried that he starts asking questions and then he sits and listens while you tell him what's wrong.

Ponyboy: he holds you and tells you stories and does anything to make you feel better.

Sodapop: he lets you talk to him and then if you start crying he'll pull you into his chest and tell you it'll be ok and he cuddled you.

Dally: he never thinks you're serious until you get quiet and don't reply to him or start crying, then in that case he'll grab your arm, take you to bed and make you talk it out.

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