He makes you blush

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Darry: you were staying at his place an you were in his room changing, he walked in while you had your shirt off. You struggled to cover yourself. "Maybe I like it!" He laughed and walked out, leaving you with burning cheeks.

Steve: you were at the DX with him and Sodapop, he tried kissing on you and putting his hands up your shirt but you stopped him. "Babe, come on! You have nice boobs." He said more to Soda than you and you felt your face turn red.

Two-bit: the gang was all over at your house, and you were in your room about to come out when Two-bit came running in. "Are ya comin' out yet? We're bored!" He said and then looked at your bed where you had just set out a bra and pantie set. He smirked and grabbed it than ran out to the living room to show all the guys, who of course made fun of you.

Johnny: he just said the simplest thing, he said he thought you were beautiful and it made you blush.

Ponyboy: you were at his place and you guys were sorta cuddling on the couch and Darry came in. "No cuddling kiddo!" He said. "C'mon Darry, this isn't even as bad as making out with her!" He said and you started blushing so bad.

Sodapop: you guys were dancing to Elvis in your kitchen and you were wearing shorts. "I really like your butt (y/n)." He laughed and looked at you. "Haha! You're blushing!" He smiled then hugged you.

Dally: He was talking to Buck just outside of the bedroom where you could hear him. "Man, sorry, we might be loud tonight." He said. "Have you yet?" Buck asked. "No, but have you seen her? She's some nice lookin'." Dally said and you felt your face get hot.

A/N: Dally's is scary accurate though... And Two-bits 😂

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