A Day With The Gang

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I feel like first, everyone would be at the Curtis house for breakfast, acting like the morons they are and eating chocolate cake for breakfast, flirting with you and getting ready for the day. Then I think you'd all walk down to the DX with Soda and Steve, then cause major trouble around town all day, with Two-Bit, Johnny, Dally and Ponyboy while Darry and the other two were at work. The guys would definitely flirt with you like crazy, Dally and Two-Bit being the worst. But after your day in town, you'd all go back to the Curtis house for supper. Then it'd just be nice chit chat with eachother until Ponyboy suggests going to the movies, so you all go to the Nightly Double and don't even pay attention to the movie... 
A/N: this was so bad I can't even.

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