Cute best friend moment (Darry)

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It was thanksgiving and Darry had you and the whole gang over for dinner. He wanted you to help him cook since he knew none of the guys would help, so while you two were making dinner the other guys grabbed a football and went outside, leaving you and Darry alone.

"What're you thankful for y/n?" Darry asked while putting a pie in the oven. You looked up at him and smiled. "You and all the boys! I don't know what my life would be like without you, I love you all like family." You said and he smiled. "How bout you Dar? What're you thankful for?" He looked down at the floor and then back at you. "Many things. Pony and Soda. The fact that I didn't lose them too. That I have a roof over my head and a safe place for my brothers, but recently I've been most thankful for one thing in particular." He stopped and walked closer to you.

"You y/n, you've supported me through every rough patch in my life, you stayed by my side when I thought everyone would leave but you never did. You're the best friend anyone could ask for, I'm so damn thankful for you!" He smiled and hugged you. "I love ya Dar." You whispered and kissed his cheek, stopping when you saw the whole gang walk through the door.

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