If you took them to a dance

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Darry: he'd be all for it, because it's what you want. He wouldn't really wanna dance that much, only when a slow song came on so he could hold you and whisper cute things in your ear.

Steve: he'd be hesitant, then agree. But he wouldn't really want to dance. He'd just stand in the corner and hold you the whole time, until you finally convince him to dance, then he has an amazing time.

Two-bit: he'd go, but he'd just act like an idiot the whole time, making jokes and dancing stupid, but that's the way he was and you loved it, so you joined in on the fun.

Johnny: he'd be nervous but he'd go. You'd have to be with him at all times and he was so shy about doing anything. You just looked him in the eyes and told him it was just you and him, then he calmed down and danced with you.

Ponyboy: he'd go, and dance a little, but he'd mainly just want to sit at one of the tables and talk with you all night because he loved talking to you.

Sodapop: he was the one who asked you to go. And it was the funniest thing you've ever seen. He started a flash mob and everything, he even stood in the middle of the dance floor with everyone watching and danced all by himself to Jailhouse rock, until he pulled you in with him and you guys started doing a jive.

Dally: no! He didn't want to at all. But you forced him. He snuck in some liquor so he was a little drunk and he started to grind with you, but that's about it, but you still had a good time together and he even admitted to having fun.

A/N: Soda's is my actual life goal, I want a really spontaneous guy who will bring me out of my comfort zone.

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