Sodapop Curtis imagine

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*{ Possible Trigger warning!!}*

You ran out of the school, not caring what happened with the teachers and all that. You just needed to get away from it all. Literally nothing in particular was causing you to feel this way. It was all in your mind. Having depression and anxiety was actually the hardest thing.

You didn't really know where to go so you just walked. You walked and cried for what felt like hours. You crossed your arms them winced... Looking down at the fresh slices and cuts you had engraved into your precious skin in hopes to find some source of calm and comfort.

You also felt lost at home, no one there made you feel good. They cared but they never ever showed it and you felt like there was no point in living. You had no where to go so you kept walking. Eventually you walked all the way back into town and you found the nearest place and walked into the driveway. This place was a DX gas station. You look around and noticed all the nice cars getting worked on by some goofy lookin' greasy guy.

You walk up to the store part of the place and pull open the heavy steel door, hurting your cuts. You wince and walk inside. A group of girls looks straight at you start panicking because your arms are exposed and you had been crying so you felt ugly...when in reality, girls were super jealous of how stunningly beautiful you were and they always talked about how beautiful you were an guys, greaser or soc, would drop what they were doing just to get a glance of your amazing face.

The girls were whispering and then they left, leaving you and the guy behind the counter all alone.

"Hey there, can I help ya with anything?" His voice was friendly and inviting. You turn around and your jaw dropped. He was gorgeous! Now you felt super awkward because you thought you looked an awful site. He looked you up and down, clearly taking in every detail of your ugliness.

He's judging me for sure, I know I'm ugly! Please stop staring at me! I'm sick of everyone always lookin at me!

You looked at his face and he looked really concerned. "Are you ok? Do you need help? Please let me help you!" He said and jumped over the counter and walked up to you. "Here, let's go get these cleaned up." He looked I your eyes and gently grabbed your hand and took you behind the counter. He pulled out a cloth and some peroxide. "Here." He smiled slightly and gently dabbed the cloth on your wrists and arms. You winced and he pulled away quick. "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you!" He looked so sorry. "It's ok." You almost whispered. He smiled.

He motioned you to sit on a chair behind you. "What's your name?" He asked. "(Y/n) (y/l/n)." You said in a "not that it matters, right?" Kinda tone. "Ahh! I'm Sodapop Curtis! I've definitely heard of you before!" He smiled and sat down beside you. "What have you heard? (Y/n), the ugliest, most quiet and disturbed girl ever?" You looked up at him and his face hardened. "Not at all! The exact opposite of that actually!"

"What? Really? There's not way it's me they're talking about."
"Yes ma'am they are, and can I ask... Did you get in a fight, or did you do that to yourself?" He looked at your arms and you crossed them trying to hide.

"I'm my own worst enemy. It's me. No one cares about me! No one ever has... I'd be better off dead." You start crying and Sodapop wraps an arm around you.

"Hey, hey don't cry!I think anyone would be lucky to be able to have you in their life to care about, I mean, you're absolutely gorgeous and you deserve the best, you shouldn't do that to yourself, and (y/n), I wanna get to know you. Care about you. How would you like to go to the Dingo with me?" He smiled and held you.

Sodapop made you feel amazing. His arms around you felt right. He made you stop crying and you were smiling. Mainly because he just asked you out in a date.

"Sodapop Curtis, I'd love to go to the Dingo with you!" You smile.
He grabs your hands and brings them up to his lips. He kisses every single cut and scar you have and then your cheek, making you tear up but he wiped them away then you two walk out of the DX.

So, you and Soda go right to the Dingo. He had a flannel shirt that be let you wear to cover your cuts. He was being a real sweetie the whole time....

Let's just say, that day was the beginning of your road to recovery, with your amazing anti-depressant and boyfriend, Sodapop Curtis, who cares about you more than he could ever possibly show.

A/N: I don't wanna get any hate for this! I know it isn't that easy to just stop cutting because someone helps you smile again. I just wanted to dedicate this imagine to anyone who's struggling right now like I am, I really needed to write something like that because it's kinda something I'd love to happen... I know I'm making it seem like "ooh cutting isn't bad and you'll find a way to stop and everything will be all happy and shit!" Because I'm not saying that at all. Self harm is an addiction that so many amazing people are addicted to and they're trying to stop or they've stopped and are trying really hard to keep it that way...Me included and I'm struggling but I just wanted this imagine to hopefully make someone who's struggling, smile.
I love you guys soooo much ok! Stay strong and Stay gold because you're worth it and you're beautiful ❤️

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